Hmong Linguistic On boarding Training

The client sent an invite to translators, language lead and project manager. All participants who attend the meeting should sign up for the training session online and create a brand central online profile.

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About the Training:
Having had a good performance for the pilot project, a well-known bank selected CCJK as a preferred vendor for Hmong translations. The next step was that the client would like to move ahead with initial brand training for the ongoing projects. The Training included 1 hour TMS training and 1 hour linguistic training.

1. The client sent an invite to Hmong Language translators, language lead and project manager. All participants who attend the meeting should sign up for the training session online and create a Brand Central online profile.

2. After the registered accounts were approved for access to the Brand Central portal, to obtain full access to the resources available on Brand Central, All people need to enroll in an upcoming session of Brand Essentials – 3 hours virtually-led certification course. Upon completion of the virtual workshop, the translators will be given the opportunity to obtain an 80% of higher score on a knowledge assessment to complete certification requirements, and receive full access to Brand Central.

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CCJK Solutions:
1. The client only certified one Hmong test. They were expecting only one translator to attend the meeting (the one who translated the certification sample). To build up good backups and assure of 5000 words daily capacity including translation and reviewing. CCJK carefully selected a pool of Hmong translators for the client and managed them to go through the certification process.

2. CCJK well planned every session of the training to meet the client’s schedule. The client re-scheduled the training time for several times, However CCJK paid great effort to check with the translator’s preference training time one by one and worked out a perfect date to ensure all people full availability to join the call meeting at the same time.

3. Before the real training, we sent a small packet of materials for the Language Quality training to all participants. The content including the following:

a) TMS/MultiTerm features and training

b) Translation style, glossary and special notes for Bank Inlanguage Trademarks

c) Linguistic quality assurance (LQA)

We recommended all participants to read the material in preparation for the call starting with the In-language translation/review guide + Brand Standards.

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About CCJK:
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