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The client has some training materials related to Google Apps. They want it to be translated from English to traditional Chinese.

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About the project:
The client has some training materials related to Google Apps. They want it to be translated from English to traditional Chinese. They would like the translator to have a working knowledge of Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Docs etc).

CCJK Solution:
CCJK’s localization team made a professional and careful analysis based on the client’s files and requirements. After that we assign the translation project to our seasoned translators with the experience in translating Google products. When doing the translation, they opened the APPs and make sure the key terms are consistent.

As a member of American Translators Association (ATA), we strictly follow the quality guidelines of ATA and each of our projects will be edited by a 2nd editor to assure the best quality.

Right from the beginning, we created a Translation Memory (TM) and maintain the TM along with a terminology list, so that our client can benefit from these important assets in terms of cost and consistent quality on long term run.

Also By creating TM, we charge fewer words as we discount both for repetitions and for similar words (75%-99% match), thus save your cost (at least 30%) while enhancing quality and consistency. In addition, update and release of new content can never be easier and faster.

After all of the translation being done, we update the translations in Google doc.

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About client:
Synergyse is an enterprise software company based in Toronto that is focused on teaching the world how to use technology. Their flagship product Synergyse Training provides interactive in-application training for Google Apps™.

It is the world’s first truly interactive training system for Google Apps™ allows you to learn and take actions at the same time. The training teaches us what the latest features are that Google does or doesn’t offer.

It is accessible directly inside Google Apps™ so that you don’t have to leave an application to learn how to use it and can take actions at the same time.

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