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The client asked CCJK to do SEO for his company website as he planned to promote business into Chinese market.

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FlexiSPY is the industry leader in the design and development of professional grade cell phone monitoring software; and is the only company offering cross-platform solutions for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Nokia-Symbian to consumer, corporate and government markets.

FlexiSPY invented the commercial spy phone in 2004, and has been satisfying customers ever since. Their reputation as the technology leaders comes from creating many industry firsts such as GPRS based delivery, the only spy phone for Maemo, live call interception for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, complete invisibility on Symbian platforms, full featured remote controls, transmission compression resume and PKI/AES compression and ease of use and reliability required for the most demanding of applications.

1. The client asked CCJK to do SEO for his company website as he planned to promote business into Chinese market. He required CCJK to propose Chinese keywords that would appeal to Chinese customers, to consider and translate a list of English keywords that they are currently using for the English site, to create a report of the current SEO organic ranking in the top 2 Chinese search engines for all the keyword list, to advise SEO plan and costs to get first page listing for all keywords.

2. The client continued to ask CCJK to do Chinese translation for the whole website. Also he required CCJK to assign engineer to put the translated HTML files into website through SVN.

3. Because there were some difficulties words in the website to translate, also because the delivery time was a little urgent. When we delivered the translation files to the client to check, he was not 100% satisfied.

1. CCJK assigned two professional and skilled SEO engineers to do this job. They did what the client required and the client felt very satisfied with their work.

2. CCJK assigned professional translators team (including translator, editor and proofreader) and engineers team (including designer and programmer) to complete this job. To make sure of the high quality, CCJK always run a strict TEP( Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process to do the translation. That is, CCJK will assign not only one translator, but at least 3 linguists to the project: we translate from scratch by a linguist, then pass the translated documents to another editor for reviewing, and finally to a 3rd proofreader for polishing, and CCJK only provide 100% human translation by veteran translators and will never use machine/software automatic translation.

3. CCJK assigned the same translator, editor and proofreader to make the revision of the translation accordingly. And the client finally felt 100% satisfied.

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Founded in the year 2000, CCJK is dedicated to provide translation and localization solution to organizations all over the world. Our team of highly skilled professionals from around the Asia-Pacific region has formed an elite localization and engineering group that is youthful, dedicated, knowledgeable and deeply rooted in the sense of responsibility. The company focuses on providing a complete range of localization services into and from Chinese and other Asian and European languages. The past ten years have seen CCJK developing from a small team to a leading translation and localization company in the Asian Pacific region, specializing in translation and localization into and from most Asian and European languages.

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