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It goes without saying that the medical translations ought to be flawless. Anything less than 100% accurate or devoid of clarity will, at best cost you money, at worst put countless lives at risk. You need an ally who understands and can help you navigate such critical requirements of your industry. CCJK is that ally. Our medical content translation services will help you ensure perfectly translated, audience-specific texts for your patients, faculty, and consumers – leaving no room for error or ambiguity. We make this happen by drawing on our network of professional medical translators with profound knowledge of the linguistic, cultural, and medical sector’s nuances.

Medical Document Translations

Improve Patient Care With Medical Document Translations

Need medical report translation services for hospital treatment? Or maybe you’re on the lookout for medical research translation services. Whatever your needs may be, CCJK is here to assist. We’re a top medical translation company that will help you translate all kinds of documents, precisely and accurately.

  • Medical reports
  • Questionnaires
  • Medical policies
  • Discharge summary
  • Medical tests
  • Medical history records
  • Operative report
  • Patient information leaflets, etc.

Medical Certificate Translation Services

You may want to translate your medical certificates. It could be for study, work, or carrying out your procedures in another country. Whatever the reason, CCJK can help. As a leading medical translation agency, we’ve built a solid reputation for delivering medical certificate translation services with high quality. Our translators are well-versed in the medical content. They also exhibit excellent linguistic and cultural awareness. This allows them to provide the best medical translation services for all types of certificates, ranging from health and death to toxicological, psychological, and more. Feel free to reach out to us!

Medical Certificate Translation
Medical Website Translation

Medical Website Translation Services

Are you legally bound to translate your medical website? Perhaps you have other compelling reasons to do so. We’re ready to assist you with our medical website translation services. The translators on our team are experts in the medical field. They also understand that your website serves as the first point of contact for countless patients out there. So, our linguists change your website content while making sure it’s clear and in the mother tongue of your patients. The result? Visitors stay longer on your site and get a better sense of what you have to offer.

Medical Translation Made Easy. Why Wait?

Our Qualified Medical Translators

We understand how important it is to deliver quality online medical translation services. That’s why we only employ translators who know the medical terminology, eponyms, acronyms, and industry regulations in great detail. Most of them have postgraduate degrees in areas they provide translations in, such as clinical diagnosis, surgery, veterinary medicine, and more. Their comprehension of the source and target language is also remarkable. As a result, you get first-rate medical language translation services that make consistent use of medical terms and include no grammatical, stylistic, or cultural issues.


We’re A Leader In Medical Translation Services

CCJK has been providing top-notch, certified medical translation services for over twenty years now. We’re your trusted partner whether you need help with operative reports, research papers, or medical records & notes translation services.


30,000+ Native Translators

We’re a diverse tribe of 30,000 professional translators who only translate in their first language and specialty area.


Quick turnaround

We boast some of the fastest turnaround times in the translation industry without compromising our commitment to quality.


ISO Certified

Being an ISO-compliant linguistic agency, we promise translation services of the highest quality humanly possible.


230+ Languages

We present your business to the world in as many as 230 languages and 800+ language combinations. From English to Japanese, Arabic to Cajun – we’ve got the entire globe covered.

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