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We have got a constant and regular multilingual localization job for a mobile phone game named Millionaire city. The content is about the game text updates.

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About the project:
We have got a constant and regular multilingual localization job for a mobile phone game named Millionaire city. The content is about the game text updates. The volume is very small—75-100 words once a week. The client sent us all the existing translated game files for reference and keep translation consistency with the previous projects.

Therefore we should read the reference file carefully to make sure all the terms are checked and used in order to maintain translation consistency with the already translated game text.

The translators must strictly follow up the below instructions during translation:
1. Follow the maximum text length specified. Max text length for some strings text in the xls file should NOT exceed more than 115 characters including blank spaces. If not possible, abbreviations are required. Only if quality is seriously compromised, it could leave longer and the client will review the case at the studio.

2. {0xcolorcode} and {/} tags are color tags used for formatting the text. The tags could not be modified, but any English text inside the tags should be translated.

3. %U, %U1, %U2… parameters are used so that the game logic can replace the tags for numbers. The translator should check if the word sorting is correct for the Malay target language.

4. The whole translation should be in informal tense. As the previous projects always use informal language (tu, du, etc) except for French (we use “vous”).

5. For best translation results the client recommends the translator to play the actual game as much as possible before starting the translation.

Our Solutions:
(1) CCJK created a new TM based on the previous projects. It is an effective way to maintain translation consistency. When made a new TM, we applied SDLX to align the translations and finally imported the TXT file into the new TM.

(2) We selected native translators who have game translation experience and love playing mobile phone games. And strictly follow the quality guidelines of American Translators Association (ATA) and make sure every translation to be edited by a second linguist and proofread by a third party to assure the best quality.

(3) CCJK asked the translators twice to carefully follow the instructions before starting the translation. We always ready for help and give fast response to translators if any queries.

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Client Feedback:
I hired CCJK for assistance with our game updates translation on long term basis, and was impressed with their attention to detail, communication, reporting, and expertise. Fantastic service, valuable advises, accurate delivery, Perfect score. I highly recommend them for your next project!

About Client:
Digital Chocolate is a leader in social games across rapidly growing social networks and mobile platforms, and is best known for games including Millionaire City, Galaxy Life, Army Attack, and Zombie Lane. However, Millionaire City is casual city building game that allows players to step into the shoes of a real estate mogul. Build a flourishing city complete with various forms of housing, businesses, and wonders.
Attract occupants, charge rent, and watch the money roll in. Continuously invest in new plots of land to construct a massive metropolis and make a fortune in the process. Participate in missions for cash rewards and become business partners with friends.
Similar to popular games like Social City and CityVille players create their own town. Decorate with trees, statues, gardens, and sculptures for more appeal and earn largest possible payouts. Enter a world where millions are well within reach in Millionaire City.

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