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The client would like to localize their software and make it available in simplified Chinese to open new markets and new revenue streams.

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About the project:
The client would like to localize their software and make it available in simplified Chinese to open new markets and new revenue streams. The client use Sisulizer’s Exchange Wizard to create and send us package in exe format that contains a self-installing Sisulizer Free Edition, along with your project file that need to be translated.

Our Solution:
Sisulizer is a professional tools for software localization. After getting the package, we begin to translate the text with Sisulizer’s visual editor, a powerful, easy-to-use visual “what you see is what you get” editor. We followed the following steps to finish the project and the client is very satisfied with our translations.

1) Execute the package got from the client and self-installed Sisulizer, save all of the project files in a project folder.

2) Make sure that All is selected at the top in the tree view pane and select the Not translated and For review filters

3) CCJK assigned skilled translators with abundant experience in software localization to translate the Not translated status entries and correct those For review that need to be corrected. When doing the translation, we followed the terminology the client provided strictly.

4) Deactivate all filters on translation completion

5) Select the Default filter in the tool bar in this case, which deactivates all applied filters.

6) Save all of the translations that we finished

7) After the first round of translation is done, we provide the file to our editor and proofreader to eliminate any errors and make sure of the translation with high quality.

8) Select File and then Exchange in the menu bar and click on OK, this opens the file manager in the finished project .slp file location

9) Copy the .slp file and send it to us as an email Attachment

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About client:
The client focuses on providing easy solutions to common problems which business analysts face, like the management of time-based data, dashboarding and the distribution of information internally and externally. Their mission is to create the most intuitive and best supported information management solutions for the users. Their solutions simplify your life by making it easier to: Analyze data easily within Excel; Create professional Office reports; Distribute reports containing charts, graphs, and data

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