Chinese & Korean Translation and Voiceover

The client requires native Chinese and Korea speakers to do the recording and provides a professional style of speaking similar to that of the voices in the original videos.

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Descriptions & Requirements:
Localization (translation) of 14 English scripts and sound recording of a Male and Female voice, which need to be put into each video. The client provides us the English script texts, the video files (videos originally in Italian) in order to see the style of speaking and separate music, voice, and sound effects file tracks.

For the recording, the client requires native Chinese and Korea speakers to do the recording and provides a professional style of speaking similar to that of the voices in the original videos. When all are done, we deliver Chinese and Korean versions of the 14 script files, separate sound files of Both the Male and Female voices, video files with the Chinese and Korean voices.

The language of the original video is Italian, when doing the Chinese and Korean video; we need to imitate the speaking style and tone of these videos. In the meantime, as the time restriction and the differences of the sentences in the source language and target language, the speakers should control their speaking speed, sometimes speak little faster and sometimes speak a little slow in order to get the time right and match the mouth in the video. After recording, we should combine the separate audio files together and create the video.

CCJK Solutions:
As the original texts are English, the first step of dealing with this project is arranging dedicated team of Chinese and Korean translators to translate the 14 scripts. We run the strict process of TEP (translation, edit and proofreading) to make sure of the translation with high accuracy.The second step is doing the voiceover. Choosing the right and professional voiceover artists for these projects is of vital importance. To maximize efficiency while minimizing cost sometimes conflict with each other. Doing the Chinese voiceover is much easier than the Korean.

As most of the people in the world are on their holidays these days, it is a little difficult to find the professional voiceover artist with competitive price.The third step is to edit the video. The human voice need to be synchronized with the video. Sound of music must go in line with people speaking. The audio needs to be worked in a way that when someone is speaking, the music in the background plays at a lower volume. Then, when nobody is speaking, the volume of the music may go up. We edit these videos according to our client’s instructions and send two sample video for checking and then proceed with the remains.

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