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CCJK offers a whole range of professional interpretation services to help you enjoy seamless interaction and effective communication with your clients, partners, and potential customers. Whether you need on-site interpretation, consecutive, over the telephone, or via video, we’re here to meet all your interpretation needs. Leveraging our 20+ years of experience providing interpreting services. You can successfully accommodate more target markets and increase both your exposure and sales just by approaching your intended audience in their native language.

Interpretation Company You Can Trust

CCJK is a leading interpretation company with world-class native interpreters available for 230 languages and 800 language pairs. These interpreters are masters especially when it comes to the use of idioms, colloquialisms, semantics, tones, and styles. Plus, they have a remarkable skill to decipher intent and nuance to express the overall feeling, thought, or emotion. So, if your company deals in international markets, your best bet is to acquire the services of experts like us who will help you break the language barrier and communicate with your foreign clients, business partners, and potential customers in their native language, without breaking the bank.


Our Professional Interpreting Services

Whether you need over-the-phone interpretation or on-site services, we have the required expertise to deliver the best interpretation services in any language.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Our simultaneous services can come in handy for large conferences and business meetings where you need to engage with a diverse audience and need more than one language for communication. We offer fast and accurate simultaneous multilingual interpretation services in which our skilled interpreters sit in the booth, listen to the speakers via handsets, and translate into your desired language in real time. So that the audience can understand what is being said. The level of accuracy and speed needed for simultaneous interpretation is hard to match and that’s what we are here for.

Consecutive Interpretation

For small settings like one-to-one conversations, court proceedings, and small group discussions, we offer fast and affordable consecutive interpretation services. In consecutive interpretation, the speaker pauses after delivering a few sentences and the interpreter then speaks to reproduce the speech in a target language. Compared to simultaneous interpretation, this type of interpretation service consumes more time and is mostly used in situations where only a single language pair is implied. Parent-teacher meetings, site visits, medical consultations, and bilateral negotiations are some other examples of where you can use our consecutive interpreting service.

On-Site Interpretation

Along with other services, we also offer on site interpretation services. Our top-rated native professionals reach your required location in time and offer interpretation services in one or more languages as per your requirements. We offer on-site services for both small and large settings. Whether you need onsite interpreters for a conference or legal deposition, we have specialized personnel to assist you in having seamless communication with your clients and partners. The best use cases in which we recommended hiring on-site interpreting include conversations with children and cognitively impaired people.

Over the Phone Interpretation

CCJK also offers quick and high-quality interpreting services over the phone. We pay special attention to client satisfaction and ensure a frictionless experience by maintaining high professional standards. We ensure a highly productive work environment and fast connect times to save you from any kind of hassle. Moreover, we value your privacy and offer complete confidentiality and none of your information is shared with any unauthorized party. Typical clients that hire our telephone interpretation services are medical offices, legal institutions, and call centers that require interpretation on short notice and ad-hoc basis.

Video Remote Interpretation

To assist your group collaborations and video conferences, we offer video remote interpretation services as well. With the availability of advanced technology and skilled interpreters for 230 languages, we pride ourselves in our timely and world-class video remote interpretation (VRI) offerings. Furthermore, our solutions are independent of any device and are available for all meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, and more. With a high-speed internet connection and remote interpreting, you can enjoy our online interpretation services anywhere you want, at any time of the day.

ASL Interpretation

Your deaf and hard of hearing community deserves equal opportunities. With ASL interpretation, you make sure they don’t miss out on any important information.

At CCJK, we give you access to a huge network of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. They are ready to assist you in various situations, from parent-teacher meetings to court hearings and beyond. Our interpreters are specially trained professionals who precisely explain what’s going on to-and-from deaf people. Ready to make things accessible for everyone? Contact us today!

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