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The client wants to translate one file from English to German. CCJK team made a careful analysis and assigned the project to our relevant translators.

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About the project:
Turnkey Group Limited wants to translate one file from English to German. CCJK team made a careful analysis and assigned the project to our relevant translators.

The services including:
English to German Translation

Our solution:
For language translation:
All translation tasks were finished by native translators with abundant experience. CCJK is dedicated to make sure the client feels 100% satisfied with its translation service. The client said that they would have two PPT files to be translated from English to German. CCJK offered a quote immediately and consulted with the client if the contents in the images need to be translated or not. After getting the confirmation from the client, CCJK offered an updated quote to the client. The client assigned the translation task to CCJK without asking CCJK to do any trial test. This was because the client had deep trust and confidence with CCJK’s translation service. There are a total of 2500 words to be translated. The field is marketing presentation.

Thanks to the strong resources for this language combination, CCJK arranged one translator and another editor to work on them. 3 days later, CCJK delivered the translation to the client. The client reminded that some words in the images are missing translation. CCJK checked and found that there were indeed like this. CCJK translated the missing words immediately and put the translated words into the PPF by drawing a text box. The client was satisfied with CCJK’s responsive attitude and showed thankfulness to CCJK’s extra work of putting the translated words by drawing the text boxes. What’s more, the client did not have any complaints towards the translation quality itself. The client and CCJK have established a solid business relationship through this chance. A few days later, the client offered several other jobs to CCJK.

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About client:
Turnkey Group is a Hong Kong based firm with offices in Asia and Europe.Focused in 3 key areas – Logistics, Environmental Management & Reporting and Supply Chain Process Solutions, Turnkey Group has consistently delivered high quality, cost saving projects and solutions across these 3 areas. Incorporating elements of software and consulting, our services identify unique opportunities to improve your logistics network, increase supply chain efficiency, optimise sustainability initiatives and decrease costs.Our professional and enthusiastic team consists of master degree educated and highly experienced consultants with a good balance of technical and interpersonal skills and with significant knowledge of the Sustainability, Supply Chain and Logistics environments.

Turnkey has won multiple awards including:
HSBC living business order of merit award for environmental excellence
Supply Chain Asia best consulting partner finalist for 2010.
Turnkey Group Hong Kong is the first ISO 14001:2004 certified consultancy firm in Hong Kong

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