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The client wanted to localize their official English website into Korean. Keeping with its long-standing commitment to the international market.

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About Client:

R Systems was incorporated in 1993 as a consulting firm in the United States. Received strategic investments by Intel Capital and GE Capital in 2001 and 2002, and with a backdrop of success responses obtained from ISVs, R systems had undergone a massive transformation by the year 2006. Remarkable acquisitions, including Pune based Indus software, and Singapore based ECnet, were carried out. During this phase, R systems strengthened its serviceability by aligning mature quality assessments like SEI: CMMI level 5, ISO: 9001: 2008, PCMM level 5, and six sigma certifications. Added US based web converse & Europe based Sento in its list of acquisitions. As a listed member on the national stock exchange (NSE) and the Bombay stock exchange (BSE), the company offers an array of services mainly in four major verticals, including; BFSI, media & telecom, healthcare and manufacturing & logistics. To further strengthen the telecom vertical, R Systems acquired UK based companies. The company also continued its focus on quality and got the certification, SEI CMMI level 5 V 1.2.

About Project:

R System wanted to localize their official English website into Korean. Keeping with its long-standing commitment to the international market and helping develop its flagship in Korea. The client offered us the link pages to translate, we have to download the html file and convert it into a TTX file for our translators. And finally, deliver the bilingual translated document to the client. It is helpful and convenient for the client’s internal website engineer to copy the Korean translation to the prepared mirror site.

Solution We Provided:

  • The project manager prepared a well-organized TTX file, client translation instructions and guidelines, schedule outlines, and a list of reference materials for our native Korean translators.
  • The native Korean translator who was familiar with the client’s products finished the initial translations, and then a second native language expert helped to proofread the translations. This QA testing process ensured that our translations had the professional accuracy required by the client. All comments and edits were reviewed by the translation/review team and project team leader.
  • We also brought the client in to get their feedback, and improve the translation until the client was 100% satisfied with our translations.
  • The Korean website has been successfully launched on-time, on-budget, and with the highest quality translation.
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