Filipino Document translation services

Professional documents are important at every turning point in a business even if you want to operate in a foreign market, you need all the paperwork ready, either it is policies, procedures, terms and conditions and so on.

CCJK has excellent reach to the native linguists that excel in their professional Filipino translation services, in the prerequisite time. Business documents carry sensitive information, that can’t be compromised otherwise the business is a hued risk at both ends. Sophisticated translation tools are used, both automated and manual translators’ vital parts of the CCJK team.

Filipino Technical Translation Services

Businesses have to do market research, create a report, and outline a map for the extensive results based on that conducted research. Even if you hire researchers in the local market, not all of them can be solid interpreters of the Filipino language. In such cases, CCJK assures that its multilingual experts provide quality standard of translated content from Filipino to English or to and fro any other language. The translation services for technical content including

· Brochures
· Export reports
· Instruction and maintenance manuals
· Patents
· Software and user guides etc.

Each technical content requires an elusive translation within the time frame desired by the client. Hence, our team is punctual and our Filipino translation services are pocket-friendly.

Filipino Medical Translation Services

Information relevant to medical sciences keeps upgrading. If you are providing services in pharmaceuticals, medical transcriptionist, appointment notes, in-person medical interpreting, etc. any type of medical content can be covered by our certified translators, who work dedicatedly and supremely towards their tasks in turnabout time.  We understand the importance of the healthcare translation services, it can’t be compromised at all.

Filipino Website Translation Services

To fit in the local market, online availability is important. It helps to expand your business and increase your target niche as well. Website translation can help the consumer to engage more in browsing information about the product or business, hence you get more user engagements. Localization and translation services are just two competitive ways to minimize the cross-culture barrier.

CCJK has a pool of 5000 translators in 200 languages, who are also subject matter experts and provide you with premium quality in fast turnaround time and affordable rates.

Let the experts handle it

With a strong heritage as the background, Filipino is a language worth investing in. Your business can target more than your expectations if you strategically reach the market.

Our Filipino translators make sure to produce a quality content translated into or from Filipino to the desired language. Our native translators are our proud and we ensure to deliver accurate Filipino translation services for a variety of documents.

We are always excited to start new projects with new prospects and new languages.


Native Filipino language experts are a part of our multilingual team of translators here at CCJK. They have industry-specific knowledge and expertise, and they perform effectively and punctually.
A translator works on 2500-3000 words per day. But turnaround time also depends on certain factors, such as urgency and technicality, etc. If your project has a tight deadline, we can assign it to more than one translator and ensure you get your projected completed in time.
In accordance with ISO 9001:2008, we assure you a perfect standardized quality of the project. Native translators hired are experts with years of experience and proofreading is done strictly as well.
We offer our translation services in any available format. Clients do not need to convert the format before providing the data.
Project cost is variable to independent factors such as duration, length, industry etc. If a language is in high demand then price can vary accordingly, or even loyal clients can also avail discount offers on our services as well.

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