Fotobounce Language Translation & Software Localization

The client needed to fully localize both the user interface (UI) and documentation into Chinese, which required context-sensitive and culture-oriented translation.

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About the project:
The client wanted to deliver its flagship product with multiple languages support including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French and Spanish, so that anyone wishing to manage their photos using their own language can do so easily. These photos were shared securely with friends and family members around the world.

The client needed to fully localize both the User Interface (UI) and Documentation into Chinese, which required context-sensitive and culture-oriented translation with a full understanding of the UI and functionality of the application. There were some terminologies that were very uniquely related to the application.

The client upgraded the application and the documentation frequently, and they also needed it to be easy to adapt their application to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and AirSet. So they needed a system that could get the update and adaptation done in a rapid and cost-efficient way.

The services included:
1) Language Translation

2) Software Localization

Our solution:
Work on the originals:
The client provided a set of original .properties files in the format of key-value pair for the UI component of the application, and a set of HTML format for their Getting Started, End-User License Agreement (EULA) and other documentation. CCJK worked on these original formats directly to save the cost and time of format conversion.

Understand Product for Informed production:
Understanding there would be some terminologies specific to the digital photo organizing application; CCJK got familiar with the whole product and requested a full copy of Help documentation for reference at the early stage of the UI translation.

Context Sensitive Translation:
For any ambiguity during the UI translation, CCJK sent queries to the client for resolution. We might also need the client’s assistance of taking screenshots for informed production. For instance, there were some places where sentences were incomplete or the content was replaced by something else during the runtime, like “Select bouncers on the left to ,” or “Contact unlinked from {0}.” Depending on what went after to or replaced {0}, the sentence might need to be reordered. In order to verify those cases, we need a Chinese version install kit for test.

Culture-oriented Localization:
The client wanted recommendation of some potential Chinese names that would convey the meaning of “photos”, “family”, “security/privacy”, “fun”, “prosperity” and “good luck” for their application specific names such as “Fotobounce”, “Bouncer”, “Fotomail”, “Fotomobile”.

Translation Reuse:
CCJK maintain a Translation Memory (TM) for the client’s projects, meaning the previously translated sentences are saved in a database, thus we can pick them up in the new project and don’t have to translate them again. When the client needed to upgrade their product from version 3.5 to 3.6, the update process became very easy and CCJK needed only to work on the changed and added portion, so as to save time and cost. In addition, adapating the UI and documentation to other platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and AirSet will be easy as well.

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Context-sensitive and culture-oriented, fully localized Chinese version

Saved by 30% depending on the repetition rate of the source text

Maintained critical translation assets: Glossary and TM, and the client benefited from the assets in terms of cost and quality on long-term run.

Updated and released of application and documentation can never be easier and faster

About the client:
Fotobounce is based on patent-pending technology enabling the effective management of digital photography. Developed by Applied Recognition, Inc. and released in 2009, Fotobounce provides efficient and reliable photo organization and enables secure, private sharing of photos. Applied Recognition pushes basic science out of the lab and into exciting consumer software applications. These applications are then distributed free to end-users, ensuring rapid, widespread adoption and exceptional sales and marketing opportunities for advertisers.

Fotobounce now provides the most secure way to manage and enjoy your photos with friends and family across all major operating systems on the desktop and mobile devices, including Apple, Android and the RIM Playbook. The Fotobounce Viewer app is available at Apple iTunes™, Google Android Market, Amazon Android Market, and the Blackberry App World Market.

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