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The client were in need of a professional team who could help them in Chinese localization field in limited time but with high quality, after careful selection, they came to us.

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About The Davis Company:
The Davis is a real estate investment company in Texas, America. It provides expert assistance to residential investment property buyers and sellers. This company provides a full range of services for experienced investors and property owners, as well as those just starting out. It focuses only on residential properties in the greater Austin, Texas area. Now, the operators in the Davis Company get interested to expand their business to china property markets. They come to china, trying to encourage people there to invest property in Austin city.

They were in need of a professional team who could help them in Chinese localization field in limited time but with high quality, after careful selection, they came to us.

Their specific requirements could be listed below:

1, they needed us to translate the important documents related to the Chinese campaign into simplified Chinese.

2, For their promotion video, they required us to localize it into simplified Chinese, too. (translate the texts first, then voiceover record for it ,finally add subtitles to it )

3, localize their other promotion materials, like brochures and name card.

4, translate and voiceover record for a slide show.


For the translation:
To assure of the highest translation quality, we have assigned the best and most skilled translators for mandarin translation in our office Just as we promised to our clients, to ensure top quality, we have assigned not only one translator, but at least 3 translators for the translation. We translate from scratch by a linguist, then pass the translated documents to another editor for reviewing, and finally to a 3rd proofreader for polishing the translation and to eliminate any errors.

For the voiceover recording and audio &video editing:

As the client requested, we assigned one of our best male voiceover talent. When the client received the recording, his high quality of voice and professional performance was highly appreciated by them and was pleased to give us another slide show to voiceover record then.

Our chief engineer is in charge of the audio &video editing part. Comparing to the formal project, this time lip sync is not so necessary but the length of each sentence still must be handled carefully to meet the time line. The engineer has spent much time in synchronize the voiceover with original video. Here is one thing worth to mention, that the client forward their further requirement of adding subtitle in Friday night, our chief engineer worked overnight, finally made the delivery within the deadline of four hours.

Take a look at how we helped our client by localizing their project for Real Estate Industry. Click here to read the complete case study


For the layout of documents, name card and brochures:
After the translation being done, two of our DTP (Desktop Publishing) engineers started their work for layout. As to the brochure, because the client could not provide us with the brochure in the original format it created. So it took them much more time to rebuilt one in indesign. Eventually,after their devoted hard-work, we have successful localized all the materials in simplified Chinese with the same look as the original English ones.

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