Samsung Electronics User Manual Translation

Besides English and Simplified Chinese, client wanted their products to be localized into other languages, such as Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian etc.

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About Samsung Electronics:
Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company with assembly plants and sales networks in 61 countries and employ around 221,000 people. Samsung is the world’s largest mobile phone maker and world’s second-largest semiconductor chip maker. It has been the world’s largest television manufacturer since 2006 and the world’s largest maker of LCD panels for eight consecutive years.

The client has the largest volumes of user manuals that need updating within the shortest turnaround time so as to meet the varying market demands. Besides English and Simplified Chinese, Samsung wanted their products to be localized into other languages, such as Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, etc. DTP expertise was also essential in the project as there were large quantities of document typesetting need involved.

ICTLIZ Approaches:
A team comprising elite linguists, graphic designers and DTP specialists was assigned to the project. To deliver high-volume translation in short turnaround, ICTLIZ deployed a streamlined workflow that goes as follows:

1) Linguistic checkup.
Review source files, reference material and instructions to make sure they are understandable.

2) Project management.
Identify what needs to be translated and assign segmented tasks to respective professionals.

3) Translation
Translate with proper instructions, references and glossaries provided.

4) Edition
Make sure the translation is consistent with existing deliverables under the style guide.

5) Quality assurance.
Check for font errors, graphics and icons problem, layout issues, etc.

6) Formatting
Make sure XML and INX files are in good condition, with no corrupted characters or messed format.

After the translation was confirmed by the client, the typesetting process began, generating the PDF files for the final proofreading before the delivery.

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The Samsung user manuals were launched timely and hit their target markets successfully. The consistent translation and DTP work quality tied Samsung as one of the most loyal client of ICTlIZ.

About ICTLIZ: is a leading information communication technology translation and localization company with over 10 years of experience providing world class ICT language solutions for global business partners. Not only do we manage language translation, we also take a major percentage of the earnings to invest in localization technologies, and, thanks to these strategic efforts, a comprehensive localization capability has been developed within These efforts make us stand out from the ordinary translation agencies and help greatly envision what the landscape of the translation and localization industry could be like in very foreseeable future.

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