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Client need a professional team who have industrious experience and could help them in translating documents into perfect Chinese.

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About Metro Tow Trucks:
Metro Tow Trucks is a Manufacturer of Special Vehicles in Canada. Established in 2004, its main products include Tow Trucks, Wreckers, Rotators, Carriers, Tow Truck Accessories, Hydraulic Cylinders, Flat beds and so on.

As other major manufacturer of tow trucks in the world, Metro Tow Trucks also has built factories in China to cut costs but it has been the first to be able to break into the Asian domestic market and entirely assemble their wreckers overseas.

Employing greater than 150 local workers, Metro Tow Trucks has changed into a pillar with the community inside their little corner of China. By giving western style management and exceptionally high pay, Metro Tow Trucks has had talents throughout China.

Descriptions & Requirements:
For all the materials related to their products sold in China, they need a professional team who have industrious experience and could help them in translating documents into perfect Chinese. Recently, they have issued the manual Metro Tow Trucks 35-ton Rotator which teaches the users how to maintain and repair the vehicle. We are chosen to take care of this manual localization project for them.

Vehicle translation has some very unique requirements. Materials in some industries are just provided for certain readers while those in vehicle industry must be provided for readers of all kinds. For example, a maintenance manual could be used by be a car driver in Canada or a technician in China.

Quality vehicle translation requires translators who are not just experienced in general languages but also well-trained in the highly technical language of the vehicle industry. That’s why CCJK who has technical knowledge of vehicles and the vehicle industry, as well as being fluent in the source and target languages. Translators of CCJK have industrial experience in this field and also the necessary knowledge of technical terms and vehicle vocabulary.

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