Professional Subtitling Services

We continue to update our quality control system ensuring consistent performance By all our family members.

Subtitling your video content is a great way to reach out to international audiences, individuals with language difficulties and hearing impairments. At CCJK we provide professional subtitling services by native, experienced professionals. Providing quality services at a great speed, we have become one of the most reliable, accurate and professional service providers in the world.

Our competent translators will not only provide you literal translation but also make it culturally relevant while conveying the complete gist of the text. Since mostly subtitles are useful for people with language difficulties or hearing impairments, it is extremely important for subtitles to be written in simple but vivid expressions. In addition to that, we are fully equipped to provide you with your desired content in any format you require it in.

Our cost-effective solutions will help you get the most suitable subtitles for your content. We handle a large variety of content in all formats. Currently, we are supporting 230 languages and working with a large network of 15,000 translators.

Professional Translation Services

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Need fast and professional transcription services?

Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you:

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Specialized Industries


  • Conference
  • Interview
  • Promotion


  • Court proceeding
  • Legal report


  • Doctors’ dictation
  • Medical dictation
  • Operation report
  • Lab report


  • Documentary video
  • Film, television program
  • Academic research

Satisfied Clients Case Studies


The Samsung user manuals were launched timely and hit their target markets successfully. The consistent translation and DTP work quality tied Samsung as one of the most loyal client of CCJK.

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Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Hilton Hotels & Resorts wanted a language translation vendor to translate its brochure to several different languages. CCJK offered the professional language translation and desktop publishing service for our client.

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Better Quality Control System

Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you:

ISO 9001-2015

Our quality control system strictly follows the ISO: 9001-2015 standards to ensure the quality and speed of every project.

Strict Working Flow

CCJK’s structured work-flow ensures consistency of quality across projects no matter the size. Every client enjoys the best we have to offer.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each CCJK client, monitoring the work performed and responding to clients’ ongoing/changing needs.

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