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Translate 20+17 files (Excel and Word) from English into the following languages: Japanese, Chinese (traditional),Chinese (simplified) There have to be translated around 25,000 words.

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About The Project:

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Client’s Requirements:
Translate 20+17 files (Excel and Word) from English into the following languages: JapaneseChinese (traditional)Chinese (simplidied) There have to be translated around 25,000 words. For the project, we will provide you with a Studio Package (the TMs are still empty, as this is the first translation project, which involves these languages). There will be also Styleguide in the package.

Timeline: 12 days (including weekends)

Analysis of the project:
  • This is a large project with tight timeline and high quality requirement. We didn’t know it at the beginning and meet the deadline with the best quality though. Still we made a lot of follow-up revisions according to the client’s many following requirements.

Inspiration from the Job:
1) As always, read carefully the client’s note, followed the client’s notes to assign the jobs to the corresponding translators. I stressed the importance of following the style guide, as there were words and phrases that didn’t need to be translated.

2) I also checked the translator’s progress on translation, and check their translation quality briefly before delivery.

3) Specially for this project, we got a lot of feedbacks from the client regarding translation content, for each feedback regarding the three languages, we had to send back comments on the revision, revise in the bilingual file and generate the final target file to the client. And the client also revised the source files for several time, we had to revise the translations accordingly.

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4) The client had really high quality requirements, but asked us to revise within very limited time. Also we had to revise from time to time free of charge. So it was very important for me to coordinate with the translators; I tried my best to persuade the translators to help revise and gave them extra fees to do the job as there are too much revisions.

About Client:

The HUGO BOSS Group is one of the market leaders in the premium and luxury segment of the global apparel market. The Group focuses on the development and marketing of premium fashion and accessories for men and women. Headquartered in Metzingen, the Company generated with almost 12,500 employees a net income of EUR 2.4 billion in fiscal year 2013, making it one of the most profitable listed apparel manufacturers in the world.


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