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It is required that the final format should keep the English-language text in the document, and put the Chinese-language text after it when we return the translated document to Avanti Worldwide.

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About the project:
Avanti Worldwide’s internal IT Department created a “mirror” site for Chinese they are going to localize in, based on their current official English website- https://avantiworldwide.com/. They wanted a professional localization team to extract all content (including sub link pages) and translate the texts in perfect Chinese language. As the client’s internal engineer do not understand Chinese.

It is required that the final format should keep the English-language text in the document, and put the Chinese-language text after it when we return the translated document to Avanti Worldwide. That way the client will be able to easily cut-and-paste from the document we delivered to them into the theme and image files, knowing what’s what.

Our Solution:
1. Preparation: As the client only offered their English URL to us, therefore we have to download the entire website to prepare the source file for translate firstly. Generally it will take 5 to 15 minutes or more depending on how many files and webpage the client have at their Web hosting provider.

2. Tools for downloading: There are many third party website downloaders we can choose; they are very easy and friendly to download the whole website. For example: HTTrack, Telepro, SitSucker, Webzip, SurfOffline and more. When downloading, you will be able to configure these programs to exclude or include certain files (such as .pdf and .zip files) in order to meet the client specific requirements for website localization.

3. Actual Translation: CCJK have rich resource in translating residential, commercial and industrial investment projects, our translator Sue did the initial translation ensuring the works conveyed is linguistically accurate and consistent with the client’s original marketing concept and interest. Our senior editors helped to correct the minor errors and readability of whole document. After delivery, our team will have a final check on the client’s final Chinese website, inspecting the minor or careless mistakes and format., etc.

Client’s Feedback:
“Quick and painlessness work from CCJK translating English into Simplified Chinese for this website localization project. Quality translation and very accommodating! More work coming through now….”

About Client:
Avanti Worldwide are main agents dealing with very large investment projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Investment levels range from a few million euros to their current largest project which is a capital city shopping mall requiring investment of 180,000,000 euros. Avanti Worldwide Major Projects Division facilitates the acquisition, marketing and financing of residential and commercial projects worldwide. Currently they have projects in the UK, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Canada, Romania and New Zealand.

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