Video Transcription Services

As you use video format for business communications, our best transcription services help you unlock its true potential. Our skilled transcriptionists will convert your videos into text documents that are widely accessible, searchable, and shareable. The SEO of your videos will be enhanced, plus people with special needs will also be able to understand your content. So, what are you waiting for? Transcribe your videos today!

Our professional video transcription services are available in 230 languages and are always tailored to meet your special requirements for corporate videos, training sessions, marketing materials, educational content, and more.

Audio Transcription Services

Our professional audio transcription services support a wide range of file formats, such as MP3, AIFF, VMA, WAV, and more. The form of audio content that you can get transcribed from us could be an interview, conference call, podcast, speech, lecture, or webinar. Don’t worry about the quality. Your transcription will reflect every nuance of the spoken word. Once transcribed, you can use the transcribed text for dissemination purposes as well as for reference, analysis, and documentation, to name a few. So, are you ready to try our voice transcription services?


Our Top Professional Transcription Services

Whether you need podcast transcription services or want to transcribe your interviews, video meetings, or court proceedings, we’ve got your back with our world-class multilingual transcription services.

Film & Tv Transcription

Our industry experts understand the need for accurate transcriptions in the entertainment world. Having years of experience in their domains, they are well-equipped to handle projects of all types and all sizes, such as featured films, TV shows, documentaries, and more. Clients choose us because we work relentlessly to make sure that your content is transcribed with 100% precision. We do this by ensuring that each word and nuance is captured flawlessly. Always trust us to deliver the best media transcription services for your television or film production needs.

Business Transcription

We help you transcribe any audio or video that your business produces on the daily. Regardless of whether it’s in the form of conference calls, investor meetings, presentations, workshops, webinars, seminars, personal notes, or any other audiovisual content that you use for commercial purposes. By hiring our certified transcription services online for your business, you can be confident that you’ll have an accurate and precise record of your all-important marketing, financial, and legal conversations in written format. Plus, what’s not to like about our stringent quality control measures and competitive pricing?

Interviews Transcription

Our trained professionals are well-versed in transcribing every detail of your spoken words, whether it’s audio or video. Sometimes the interviews include sensitive information or personal data so you need to hire the best online transcription services like us for complete confidentiality and information security. All our experts have signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with us, plus we create strong passwords and encryptions to secure your data. So don’t hesitate to send us your project. We’ll be happy to transcribe your research, job, and media interviews, among others.

Verbatim Transcription

In verbatim transcription, our experts don’t omit or paraphrase any content. Rather they transcribe your audio or video file exactly what it is. This way we express every single word, utterance, and detail of your recording such as repetitions, stutters, laughter, signs, background noises, and more. Our clients find the verbatim or word-for-word transcriptions helpful in different use cases, like legal depositions, panel sessions, focus groups, and more. Don’t worry if verbatim transcriptions are not your thing. We can deliver intelligent human transcription services to you that will omit all the filler words, moments of laughter, pauses, etc.

Intelligent Verbatim

Unlike verbatim transcription, intelligent verbatim does not transcribe your file the way it is. Rather, it cleans up distracting fillers and redundant sounds or words from what was said. It’s good for you if you provide your audience with a concise and readable transcript that omits the “ums”, “yeah”, verbal and nonverbal pauses, and laughter, to name a few.

Intelligent verbatim is often suitable for video meetings, business presentations, and cases like when you require market research transcription services. Though the exact wording of your content won’t be transcribed, you can be confident that your meaning will remain the same.

Edited Transcription

In edited transcriptions, the transcriber thoroughly edits out the script during its conversion to text. Like intelligent verbatim transcription, this process removes all the meaningless information. But here our transcriber will take an additional step to ensure that the proper grammatical rules are used. If necessary, they will restructure certain sentences to give them a more formal look and feel. That said, edited digital transcription services are your go-to option if you want your content to be written in a very formal way, such as for publications, research work, or official presentations. You can also use this approach for qualitative research transcription services where clarity of information holds significant importance.

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Our Simple 3-Step Process


Preparation and planning

In this phase, we work with you to create a detailed project plan. This includes things like identifying your target audience, creating a workflow, setting up a turnaround time, and forming a team.



Project Execution

Once all project activities are planned, our native experts start transcribing your content. At the end of this phase, we compile a fully-localized and error-free version of your materials.



Rigorous Quality Assurance

In the last step, we perform linguistic and cultural testing of the transcribed content. If there’s any issue, we will apply appropriate edits and then send you the final version.


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