Turkish Document translation services

Documents hold frivolous information. A business cannot compromise at a global market. CCJK understands the importance of document translation and constitutes the translation process precisely, which makes it the best Turkish translation company.

Accuracy is well compelled with human and manual translation. Our expert translators cover all industrial domains and provide qualified translation services at the most affordable rates. 

Turkish Technical Translation Services

Technical translation can get complicated without a proper trace. Native translators with expertise in native language understand the technical domain more closely. Our certified group of translators are exceptionally trained and deliver reliable technical translation services for all clients in the fastest turnaround time. 

We ensure the consumer understands the product and services or any other technical document necessary for the client. 

Turkish Medical Translation Services

Medical translation is an essential part of the healthcare industry. Translators with a proven track record of specializing in the medical industry are highly qualified and skilled. Our team comprises L2 and L3 translators with in-depth knowledge of working with the healthcare industry. No room for error is acceptable in the medical translation. Every article is proofread before handing over to the client.

Our native linguist experts work in a dedicated manner and in the fastest turnaround time. 

Turkish Website Translation Services

To provide integrated translation services, the website is a key factor to achieve the right audience. Ensure your services in multiple languages, and you will be able to target the goals with excessive ease. 

Our translators initiate the website translation services in more than 120 languages to resonate with the online user. We ensure the website is translated by the highest qualified linguist as per the client’s demand. 

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Looking for a reliable Turkish translation agency?

CCJK is just around the corner with the team of professional Turkish translators working their best to provide accurate Turkish translation services. With our in-house facility of translators, we have proven to be a reliable resource for a quality translation.  Whether you need translation services for documents or websites, we have got your back.

The best way to reach our services is to contact us directly for a fast and effective Turkish translation service.

Get crystal clear translation for any type of content in the fast turnaround time at affordable rates.


Our team is reprised of Turkish translators with bilingual command on another language as well. The team of translators is properly qualified and chosen according to the requirement of the project.
Usually 2500-3000 words/day are translated, however, the number of words can vary according to the requirement. In case of emergency, word count can be increased to 10,000 words/day to meet the deadline.
Our translation services are ISO 9001:2015 certified making us a reliable source for translation. Moreover, operational processes are followed to ensure standard quality of translation.
Our translation services are not limited to any specific format. We welcome all types of document formats for translation.
The cost of each document varies according to the length of the project and its length. If a client requires the project on an urgent basis, then the price may exceed and vice versa.To get exact pricing for the project, you can contact us here.

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