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ASKAP GOLD needs a professional translation team who has industrious experience to help them translate various of materials into multiple languages.

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Askap Gold Investment is a multinational physical gold consultant firm with offices in Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, China and Japan.

It is developed to mainly cover Asia region markets as well as all introducing brokers.

The main objective of Askap Gold Investment is to provide a variety of information such as market Research, education, fundamentals and so on.

Descriptions & Requirements:
ASKAP GOLD needs a professional translation team who has industrious experience to help them translate various of materials into multiple languages, like Chinese, Indonesian and Khmer, with the subject mainly in legal area. We are chosen to take care of all localization projects for them.

1. The translation of legal material as an independent topic requires specialized handling method. Professional legal translation has its own specific system of terms and expressions. So only experts specializing in legal area should translate legal document.

CCJK has built a multilingual legal translation team five years ago and helped many companies and law firms accurately translate legal documents world widely so we have abundances of experience in the translation of legal documents.

2. every member of the CCJK translation team of legal professionals has been qualified through a series of tests and evaluations, created by the world leaders in the industry. CCJK’s linguistic expertise is also certified by the industry leading international organizations such as the American Translators Association (ATA).

Moreover, we follow ATA guidelines to run a strict TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process for every project to make sure of top quality.

3. CCJK is always able to respond immediately to any urgent request. No matter the time of day. For this project, we have completed all the languages within two days with high quality.

If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected] for a free instant quote.

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