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The Big Word wants to proofread one certificate from English to Malay. CCJK team made a careful analysis and assigned the project to our relevant proofreaders.

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About the project:
The big word wants to proofread one certificate from English to Malay. CCJK team made a careful analysis and assigned the project to our relevant proofreaders.

The services including: English to Malay proofreading

Our solution:
For language proofreading All proofreading tasks were handled by native proofreaders with abundant experience. CCJK is dedicated to make sure the client feels 100% satisfied with its proofreading service. The client assigns the proofreading task to CCJK without asking CCJK to do any trial test.This is because the client had deep trust and confidence with CCJK’s proofreading service. The total word count is around 8,000.

The client asks for a quick turnaround of 2 working days.Thanks to the strong resources for this language combination, CCJK arranges the relevant proofreader to work on them. 2 days later, CCJK delivers the proofread file to the client with very good format. The client is very satisfied with the translation quality and do not have any complaints to CCJK’s service. The client and CCJK has established a long-term business relationship with each other.

About client:
The big word was launched in 1980 by Larry Gould, under the name of the Link Up Group. His intention was to offer the highest quality customer service across both recruitment and language services.Streamlining increased our potential even further In 1996 the big word made a momentous decision. By selling our recruitment division, we were able to focus on providing language services alone and began to establish ourselves as one of the world’s leading global language providers. As technology advanced, so did the big word.We developed international teams and established secure, sophisticated systems and processes to effectively manage translation and localisation workflows. We were on our way.

The first language company to achieve a quality accreditation A pioneer within language services we were the first company in the industry to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Since then, the big word has consistently demonstrated its commitment to quality and accuracy, meeting and out-performing against quality and process standards across all industries. World-class training and development programs further ensure our people are the best in the industry. As a result, we were the first language services company to achieve the Investors in People Standard, and pride ourselves in finding individuals of the highest caliber to support our clients. From 0 to 2,500 clients in 30 years Larry’s vision was key to the growth and success of the big word. It rocketed from a small UK-based service to a multinational corporation with a global network of 7,752 linguists working in 77 countries worldwide, across 53 industries.

Amongst the world’s top 20 In 2005 the big word became one of the world’s top 20 translation companies, based on revenue and 2007 established us as the fastest growing language services company in the world, based on organic growth.Next stop No.1 Our focus on developing tools to support our processes, speed translation and interpreting and save costs saw the big word launch the big word GMS™ (the big word Globalization Management System™) in 2007, an ultra-secure, web-based system for managing each element in the translation workflow process.Within twelve months, the big word GMS™ was renowned as the second most effective translation management system in the world. To keep ahead, we constantly develop our unique system and we believe the new features introduced in 2010 will see us hit the number one position.The future vision of the big word is to be recognized as the world’s leading language services provider, supported by the best technology in the industry.

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