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Jebsen Industrial wants a language service provider who is an expert and knows how to translate the 158 product groups from their 144 principals across 21 industries.

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About Jebsen Industrial:
Jebsen is a 100+ years old family enterprise whose history can be traced back to the end of the 19th century. From a broad spectrum of consumer, industrial, beverage and luxury products, Jebsen is responsible for bringing unparalleled quality to the regional markets, adapting to the rapidly changing business landscape in East Asia.

Jebsen Industrial business unit focus on China market helping clients in the Industrial sector succeed in Greater China.

1. Jebsen Industrial wants a language service provider who is an expert and knows how to translate the 158 product groups from their 144 principals across 21 industries.

2. The client needs to publish their advertising and identity guide etc marketing materials to align with their marketing activities in the Greater China market.

3. They need to translate their news and events also upload them onto their official website in multilingual version on weekly basis

1. CCJK uses only the translators who are really expert in the industries they are translating. CCJK also understands the client need actually a copywriting rather than simple translation for the client’s marketing materials. In other words, CCJK is doing marketing oriented translation which aligns with the client’s marketing needs.

2. CCJK use experienced Desktop Publishing (DTP) operators who work on the very original formats such as InDesign and Framemaker to seamlessly streamline and expedite the translation and publishing process.

3. CCJK’s designers and engineers operate the client’s CMS system to design the layout and upload the client’s news, events, industrial products and product group’s etc. web pages in almost real-time basis.

4. CCJK creates and maintains a complete set of Translation Memory (TM) and glossary for the client’s project.

1. The client has an expert who can take care of their translation needs in a broad spectrum of industries and products well.

2. The translation result is up to the client’s upmost standard of copywriting quality which helps the client’s marketing activity.

3. Update and publishing news, events and other marketing activities is easy and real-time.

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