When You Need A Content Proofreading Service

To answer this, you need to understand the purpose of proofreading. During proofreading, a professional works to check and correct the errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax, typography, and spelling. Note this is often the last step in a standard translation process.

So, you will require professional proofreading services if you want to ensure that the final version of your translated document is free from errors and publication-ready for print, web, or other platforms. By working with CCJK, you can get proofreading as a standalone or add-on service to check your text or manuscript after translation.

When You Need Professional Editing Services

Translation editing is a much more creative process than proofreading. It focuses on improving your manuscript in form and style. Hence, editing services generally involve the improvement in:

  • Sentence structure
  • Paragraphs
  • Choice of words
  • Clarity
  • Stylistics
  • Citations
  • Format, etc.

Thus, if you want to fix all such issues and make sure that your translated content is ready to serve its purpose, you must invest in a professional editing service.


Our Proofreading And Editing Services

We have hundreds of experts with at least 3-5 years of experience in professional proofreading and editing services. They work together to correct errors so you can get a final text that’s clear, cohesive, and ready for publication.

Light Post-Editing

Our specialized light post-editing services will give structure and add quality to your content. It includes fixing typing and grammatical errors, rewriting or rephrasing confusing sentences, correcting machine-induced errors, and eliminating unnecessary machine-generated elements in your content. In the light post-editing, we will also incorporate any specifications you may have, such as company-specific wording, product names, etc. Your revised translation will become more effective while still conveying the same meaning and concepts.

Full Post-Editing

CCJK offers full post-editing that involves in-depth evaluation and correction of translations. The content is edited for relevant terminology and to be precise and accurate. The edited content is free of all major and minor errors and has a defined tone and style. The translations are intensely cross-referenced against other resources to ensure cultural appropriation. Additionally, our native professionals will make syntactic modifications to your text to make it more engaging and relatable for the target audiences.

Translation Proofreading

We provide professional proofreading services by language experts in your industry. Our experienced proofreaders will check your content on multiple grounds, such as spelling mistakes, language structure, punctuation, grammar, and more. The goal is to improve readability and produce a logical information flow. You can seek our proofreading services for any content format. From proofreading website content to images, user guides, and promotional materials, we’ve got you covered regardless of your industry and target language.


Formatting continues to be a vital part of the translation process. Remaining true to our promise of staying with you from the beginning until the very end, CCJK provides professional formatting services. We will not only help you improve the quality of your work through our document editing and proofreading services, but will also preserve the look of your content through specialized formatting. Our expert team provides exquisite formatting that matches your corporate image. We support all file forms, including InDesign, Quark and FrameMaker, HTML, SGML, XML, and ASP.

Transcription Editing

It’s crucial in video transcriptions that the written text says the exact same thing spoken in the original video. However, instances may arise where the textual representation describes a different thing than the verbal dialogue. For example, the spoken dialogue “We may achieve what we desire” can become “We will achieve what we desire” during transcription, which slightly modifies the original meaning. This is where you need our online proofreading and editing services. Our experts will ensure what was said in your videos is accurately transcribed.

Research Papers

Research papers call for the best proofreading and editing services, even if you are confident about your work. You won’t be able to achieve the best grade if your paper involves errors and mistakes. For this reason, you need an extra pair of eyes to capture grammar and spelling mistakes, excessive use of passive voice, inconsistencies in dialect, and more. We can help you eliminate these issues by making sure your papers are well-structured and presented clearly.

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Our Simple 3-Step Process


Preparation and Planning

In this phase, we work with you to create a detailed project plan. This includes things like identifying your target audience, creating a workflow, setting up a turnaround time, and forming a team.



Project Execution

Once all project activities are planned, our native editors and proofreaders start working on your content. In the end, we compile an error-free version of your document that is fully optimized.



Rigorous Quality Assurance

In the last step, we perform linguistic and cultural testing of the target document. If there’s any issue, we will apply appropriate edits and then send you the revised content.


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