Schinders Law Multilingual Translation

Schinders Law wanted to translate the legal notice into 37 European and Asian languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.

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About Client
Schinders Law is a prominent international law firm. They specialize in a broad range of commercial legal matters, including mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, foreign direct investment, project financing, intellectual property, and corporate disputes.
About the project
They required the translation of this document into 37 European and Asian languages, encompassing major languages like French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. This multilingual approach aimed to effectively reach clients and stakeholders across diverse legal jurisdictions and demanded meticulous attention to accuracy and cultural appropriateness. The translation needed to be done with perfect quality.
Solution We Offered:
  1. CCJK assembled a team of native-speaking legal translators specializing in the relevant European and Asian legal systems. It guaranteed precise legal terminology and culturally nuanced communication in each target language.
  2. We employed a rigorous translation memory (TM) system to ensure consistency across all translated versions of the legal notice. It ensured terminology remained consistent throughout the document set.
  3. Our team meticulously reviewed each translation to ensure cultural sensitivity and clarity for the intended audience in each region.
  4. A dedicated project manager served as Schinders Law's single point of contact, overseeing communication, meeting deadlines, and managing quality control throughout the project.
  5. We utilized secure file transfer protocols to ensure the confidentiality of Schinders Law's sensitive legal documents throughout the translation process.
  6. CCJK arranged 2 project managers to handle this task, and with the advantage of having more than 2000 linguists in our database, CCJK finished translating 37 languages in less than a week.
About CCJK:
Founded in 2002, CCJK, a company of highly skilled professionals from around the Asia-Pacific region, has formed an elite engineering group that is dedicated, knowledgeable, and has a deeply rooted sense of responsibility. CCJK always insists that winning clients’ trust and confidence in this manner is of paramount importance to the very existence of an organization. CCJK dedicates itself to tailoring its services to meet the unique needs of each client. For every project, no matter whether it is big or small, sophisticated or trivial, the whole team is committed to working synchronically to make the project mutually successful, both for the client and CCJK.

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