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This project is about menu translation, the source language is not only in English, most of them are in Italian, the target language is Cantonese.

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About the project:
CCJK has powerful resources to deal with different kinds of language pairs, especially for Asian and European languages, we have linguists in various fields, such as chemical, medical, IT, marketing, law and more.This project is about menu translation, the source language is not only in English, most of them are in Italian; the target language is Cantonese. I think we could do perfectly for this project, besides Chinese language is our mother tongue, and we have lots of experience in translating this material for many biggest agencies and valuable clients.

CCJK Solution:
According to this project requirement, we should use Trados to deal with it, through creation of TM, we could help maintain a Translation Memory (TM) for this projects on long-term basis. Every translation unit will be saved in TM. One time translated, multi-time used. By creating TM, we charge fewer words as we discount both for repetitions and for similar words (75%-99% match), thus save our client cost (at least 30%) while enhancing quality and consistency.When we received the project, by analyzing the words, we proposal a very discount price for our long-term cooperation, the delivery date is also very good for us, we have sufficient time and adequate resources to guarantee the good quality.
When everything is OK, we assign different native translators to deal with different source languages, during this stage, we ask them to list any questions they have for answers. After that, we collect and filter all questions and send to client, then feedback our translators with the answered queries.We follow up closely with our translators and everything goes well as ordinary; when the first round of translation is done, we assign second translators to do editing and proofreading. Before sending to the client, we complete the QA Report to detect any bugs or problems.We perform 3 rounds of process as we promised, actually it is very valuable for us, our client is very satisfied with our job and they have promised that they will give us more projects soon.

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