Fruit Ninja Hebrew Localization

Fruit Ninja as a mobile game was well received by critics and game players all over the world. Therefore, the client wants us to do Hebrew localization for the game.

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About Client:
Fruit Ninja is a video game developed by Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane, Australia. The studio was founded in 2001 , currently based in Sydney, Australia, for their upcoming gaming project. This move was brought about as an initiative by the new South Wales government, the Interactive Media Fund. In March 2012, HalfBrick Studios acquired Onan Games for an undisclosed price. Onan is best known for Mandreel, which allows games to support iOS, Android, Flash and HTML development.
About the project:
The game was released on April 21, 2010, for iPod touch and iPhone devices. Due to the quick-release nature of iOS applications, the client stated that a different game marketing strategy is required to reach a wider audience. It is a must to consider localizing the game release and updates into native languages of the target audience; as we all know, more user numbers means more sales revenue. Therefore, the client wants us to do Hebrew localization for the game Fruit Ninja.
Solution We Offered:
  1. Game translation is really a highly technical job, and game translators must have a deep understanding of game terminologies and subject matter expertise. CCJK is a professional and veteran game localizer, having translated Millionaire City/Xbox Time-Splitter/XBox Time-Splitter 2/Xbox Hitman 2/Samurai ii and other games for our clients over the years.
  2. CCJK strictly followed the quality guidelines of the American Translation Association (ATA), and each of the projects was edited by a 2nd editor and proofread by a third party with profound game knowledge, hence, high quality can be guaranteed.
  3. As the new release of the game is always short and brief, it would be difficult to translate without any previous context. Keeping the previous game translations intact is a very important task. On the one hand, it could work as a reference file during Hebrew translation, on the other hand, it will help with any future text for this game if there are constant updates.
  4. Parameters were used so that the game logic could replace the tags for numbers and language. For example, %1, %2, %3, etc. will be replaced with dynamic text in the game, usually a number; %t is represented as a new text field; %c means the current number achieved; however, a%n converts 'a' to 'an'. If the target number begins with a vowel, %s pluralizes with s if the target number is not equal to 1. For all the parameters mentioned, it could not be deleted. When translating, we inserted these special characters back into the translated string in the appropriate places.
About CCJK:
Founded in the year 2000, CCJK, a company of highly skilled professionals from around the Asia-Pacific region, has formed an elite engineering group that is dedicated, knowledgeable and have a deeply rooted sense of responsibility. CCJK always insists that winning clients’ trust and confidence in this manner is of paramount importance to the very existence of an organization. CCJK is dedicated to customizing its services to meet the needs of each individual client. For every project, no matter whether it is large or small, sophisticated or trivial, the whole team is committed to working synchronically to make the project mutually successful, both for the client and CCJK.

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