CEO Message Translation and Subtitling

The CEO is speaking English, they would like the voice to be translated into Chinese and add Chinese subtitle to the video.

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About the project:
The client recorded a video and would like to deliver the end of the year message to all of the employers of the company from their headquarters and branch offices in other countries. As the CEO is speaking English, they would like the voice to be translated into Chinese and add Chinese subtitle to the video.

CCJK solution:
CCJK’s subtitling services are run by a group of professional, highly trained experts with apt knowledge in the healthcare field, as this is the client’s business field. We run strict TEP (Translation, editing and proofreading) process to make sure of the translation with high quality and convey the excise meaning of the speaker. Once the translation is finished, we send it to the client for approval. And then, our subtitle editor begin the work and create the subtitle firstly, and edit the script bit by bit, and make sure the subtitle sync with the voice. CCJK and this video subtitling team have a renowned reputation for being able to deliver prompt, high-quality service. This is essential for clients wanted results as soon as possible without having to wait around unnecessarily. We ensure the client’s project is timed in accordance to the professionally crafted script. Subtitling services have never been as easy or straightforward as they are with CCJK.

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