What Language Do They Speak in Iceland

Iceland is a Scandinavian country. It follows the world’s oldest democracy but with a modern touch in each field. It is different from other European countries because it is a homogenous country ethnically.

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How to Change Language on Netflix

In this article, we will discuss how to change language on Netflix? Let’s Start: You were about to watch your most-loved show on Netflix but the entire account is in another language? Or do you have the subtitles and audio settings also in a completely different language?

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What Language do They Speak in Switzerland?

Each country in the world has its official language that depicts its identity. You will be surprised to know that Switzerland is a country that has declared four languages as its official languages and speakers of these languages are spread all around the country.

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What is Cultural Appropriation?

Cultural appropriation! Although the phrase and the practices it describes are familiar to most of us, they can feel ambiguous. And that’s primarily because inappropriate or offensive uses of other cultures are often quite obvious, the subtleties of the conversation are usually drowned out by protests. 

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What are the Benefits of Language Games?

Gone are the days when children loved to play outdoor activities. Some parents still encourage their kids to play outdoor games. Due to technological advancements, mobile and the internet have become a basic necessity of life. The instinct of the children is to explore things and play games.

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How to Learn Sign Language? Here’re Some Quick Tips

Sign language is a major source of communication for the deaf and hearing impairment community. Face expressions, hand movements, hand shapes, and lip patterns are used to comprehend your message to people who are either deaf or have difficulty hearing.

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