Which Languages Are Recognized as World Languages?

The way of expressing our wants, demands, thoughts, and emotions through verbal words is called language. A group of people from specific geographic locations usually share a common language. The world has become a global village in which we need to communicate with each other on global levels.

/ by AZ Susan

Dissecting the Ottoman Empire Languages

The origin of the Ottoman Empire dates back to Anatolia, present-day Turkey’s location. Originally from Söğüt near Bursa, Turkey, the Ottoman dynasty started to leave its mark by extensively defeating its opponents.

/ by AZ Susan

How to Learn Business English

English is a universal language. Although all the countries use their official language to run their operations but to deal on an international level, they need to use English. Many top-notch companies of the world use English to communicate globally. They hire people that can speak and write English

/ by AZ Susan

Website Localization vs Software Localization

Website and software localization is impacting all aspects of our lives due to digitization. At present, consumers are more aware than before. To give them seamless services, it is very essential to go for website and software localization.

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