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The source files are in PDF format and it need to be converted into word for translation purpose.

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About the project:
LChapman, LLC has a Legal case document and some related documents that need to be translated from English to German. As it is for legal purposes to notify foreign defendants of litigation, the translation must be exact, precise and have the same format as the source English one. Also there are some seals and signatures in the PDF, they also should be copied and layouted to the translated files.

The Challenges:
The source files are in PDF format and it need to be converted into word for translation purpose.

The files have lots of repetition words and the client wants to get a competitive offer from the candidates.

All of the seals and hand-written signatures should be applied into the translated version legal files.

Our solution:
Abode Finereader is a useful tool when dealing with the PDF, after receiving the source PDF files from the client, we use this tool to read all of the texts in the PDF, and then we get an overall word count for the whole files. After carefully study of the text, we found that there are lots of contents that are duplicated.

As Trados is our translators’ daily used tool for translation, thinking that we can make use of the Translation Memory (TM) and maintain the TM along with a terminology list, then our client can benefit from these important assets in terms of cost and consistent quality. We use the following steps to extract the new words from the file and send it to the native translators for translation:

1. Create a new English to German TM using Trados 2007.

2. Choose “Tools” in the menu, and then go to “Analyse”, drag the word files that need to be translated to the files area, and then click “Analyse”.

3. After you finish the second step, you will find that there are lots of repetition words, then you can see there is a box on the right of “Export Unkown Segments”, please fill in with 99. And then click the button ” Export Unkown Segments” to export the new words. Choose .rtf format and save it.

Then what we should do is to assign this rtf file to the translator and let them use translation tools to translate the file. When the translation is finished, we send the TM to another native translator to edit and proofread the whole document. In this way, we can save lots of cost and make sure the consistency of the translation. after that, we format it with the same look and feeling as the English one.

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