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The global market offers countless business opportunities. By localizing your software, you can attract millions of new customers. But to get everything right and make your investment worthwhile, you must leave software localization to industry experts like CCJK. What makes us special? We bring more than two decades of experience in software localization services. Our experts are fully aware of the cultural differences and notions of both source and target languages. They are like language ninjas who will reshape your product regardless of whether it’s navigating the complex intricacies of medical software localization or any other context.

Software Localization Services For All Digital Products

Software localization is one of our core services. Well-versed in your original and target languages, our experts have experience providing localization for all types of business software, from accounts and billing software to word processing programs, lead management systems, and more. Clients around the world trust us because we deliver the best software localization services by finding the right balance between speed, quality, and cost. If you want to localize your software, you can rest assured that a qualified team will be working on your software in order to maintain the highest standards of technical accuracy and speed without costing you a hefty amount.


Our Software Localization Solutions

Your software can make life easy for millions of people across the world. Then why confine it to your home market only? Our professional software localization services can make it accessible to customers all over the world.

User Interface

UI localization of software is highly important to achieve a global understanding of your product. For this, you need to infuse various sociocultural aspects into your text strings, graphics, and layout. Otherwise, it won’t make perfect sense to local audiences in foreign demographics. CCJK helps you accomplish this feat professionally through the assistance of a highly talented team in the industry. Our experts work diligently to examine the symbols, visuals, and other non-linguistic elements of your UI; giving it a fully localized look and feel for enhanced user experience.

Video Games

The latest data show more than 3 billion active video gamers in the world. That said, your target audience is spread across various cultures and regions. But as a game developer, how do you ensure that users from all cultures can share the same amazing experience with your gameplay? That’s where we can help. Our experts will adapt the entire software and hardware of your video game so that it meets the cultural preferences and demands of your local audiences.

Mobile Apps

With mobiles and smartphones so pervasive in the world, anyone from anywhere can download your mobile app provided they have an internet connection. But it may not be equally user-friendly to all of them. At CCJK, we help you localize your mobile app by adapting its UI and UX for new language markets and regions. This helps you ensure your apps remain useful everywhere, resulting in improved user engagement, better download rates, and higher ROI.

Websites & Web Apps

According to research, about 40% of consumers won’t buy from a website offering its services in a different language. We help you capture this enormous share of online buyers by localizing your websites and web applications. Having vast industry experience, our experts will adapt each and every component of your software, from color schemes and graphics to logos, CMS, and more. The localized website or app lets you catch the attention of your international customers in a seamless way.

Audio and Video

Your software may leverage audio and video content to engage global customers. However, customers from different regions won’t have the most wholesome user experience because of the cultural and linguistic differences. Therefore, our software localization company provides you with a range of localization services to adapt your audio and video, such as transcription, dubbing, voiceover, and subtitling. As a result, users feel ultimate delight when they interact with your software.

Localization Testing

In localization testing, our focus is to validate whether your software product aligns with the linguistic, cultural, and compliance requirements of the target market. Our testers verify the language, tone, imagery, payment methods, currencies, date formats, visual layout, and functioning of your software to fit the target locale. If there are any errors, our team will fix them and send you a polished product ready to launch on a global scale.

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How We Localize Your Software


Preparation and Planning

In this phase, we work with you to create a detailed localization plan. This includes things like identifying your target audience, creating a workflow, setting up turnaround time, and forming a team.



Project Execution

Our native localization experts start adapting textual and visual components of your software. At the end of this phase, we deliver a fully localized version of your website as per your instructions and industry requirements.



Post-Localization Testing

In the last step, we perform linguistic and cultural testing of the whole software. If there’s any issue, we will apply appropriate edits and then send you the completed project.


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