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It’s not easy to meet deadlines on a regular basis and to consider making a report in another language is a crucial task. A translation company requires total transparency in its Spanish translation services to accommodate the client when providing a quality translation. If you are in need of acquiring professional help, CCJK is a professional platform to rely on for an adequate translation. 

Whether it’s for medical bills, business reports, manuals, contracts, certificates, etc. you just need to share your project’s detail and consider it done. A high scalable Spanish language translation service is what makes us so reliable. So make sure to contact us right away!

Spanish Technical Translation Services

What makes a translation company most efficient? The ability to adapt a new language and accurate translation is what you need to look out for. Technical translation comes with its fair share of challenges, therefore CCJK is here to save your day. 

With the trained group of professional Spanish translators, our team works in a time-efficient manner resolving the critical challenge of translating the technical content into the desired target language. Being a client, you can trust our professional Spanish translation services with sensitive information for appropriately translated content. Get in contact with us now to share your details. 

Spanish Medical Translation Services

The medical industry is a sustaining industry, always updating information that is useful for patients, doctors, and researchers. Whilst there are companies working specifically under the healthcare domain, they are in need of medical translation services. To be able to communicate with the patients, pharmacists, etc. medical translators play a vital role in saving lives. 

CCJK is happy to provide a team of medical translators with high command in Spanish and is able to provide a flawless translated project. Our reasonable rates make our translation services desirable for a long time period. To get more information, you can share your project details with us right away. 

Spanish Website Translation Services

Are you looking forward to strengthening your brand at a global level? Website translation matters as much as any other domain. The online world is fast evolving and in order to catch up with your competitor or to even create a monopoly, you need to make your services and products known worldwide. 

To create a worldwide presence, you need to make frequent appearances that are possible with a creative website translation service. CCJK makes sure to keep your content properly updated for on-site so that you are able to engage with users without any hassle. Why not be able to communicate with the online users in multi-languages? Rest assured, our website translation service is affordable for all. 

Let the experts handle it

Spanish is a sweet language. You can feel the cultural influence of each word and dialect. Our Spanish translators have exceptional skills in translating documents in all formats.

CCJK has always been confident in exploring new languages. This makes our services not only known widely but also effective to use in the long run. Another added benefit our clients can ensure to facilitate is from our cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. Our experts are always ready to translate legal, medical or any other industrial oriented project with no hesitation.

What makes us different than the rest? Try our services and find out for yourself.


CCJK is proud to have trained and skillful Spanish translators who deliver a perfect translation for every project.
Around 2500-3000 words are translated daily. Projects are finished with fast turnaround time depending upon their length and other variable factors as well.
CCJK relies on strict hiring procedures for translators to work with our top teams. Most of our experienced translators are of level 2 and level 3 to ensure quality translation.
Microsoft word file format is the easiest to translate, however, our translation services apply to all file formats.
Your document translation cost depends on many factors such as duration, length, industry, etc. If a language is in high demand then price can vary accordingly, or even loyal clients can also avail discount offers on our services as well.

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