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Licensed is committed to being the most comprehensive and innovative mental health directory on the web. It purposely keeps free of clutter–so people in need of help can do so with ease and simplicity. The number of people utilizing the internet is expanding each day and video is the next wave.

Studies show that people are more likely to engage a website or make a purchase when they can have video contact with the product or service they need. It allows people to learn more about mental health professionals in their area so they can make an informed decision about a helping professional.


1. The client is looking for a website designer with excellent design skills. He needs 4 HTML pages created. He will provide all the content, and he provides a reference site. What he want is an excellent design to make the pages look as good as the referenced site, not be an exact copy but also show some originality, also the quality must meet or exceed the referenced site. He requires to be creative, but just something simple, elegant and not too flashy.

2. Because the client is quite satisfied with the former 4 pages, he asks CCJK to continue to update another 5 pages to be up in line with the former 4 pages. This time, the 5 pages do not need to be completely redesigned but rather simply make them stand out more. The client wants CCJK to take the same kind of design elements which were used on the former 4 pages. Also he wants these pages to be neater and cleaner looking and he asks to change the fonts as well as he thinks the font which CCJK designer chose for the former pages is very good.

3. The client requires CCJK to continue to design 2 more pages. These 2 pages are very important on the website, the better designed these pages are, the better. And the client provides three reference sites. The client hopes CCJK to keep the same basic layout according to the other pages and improve the fonts and some of the colors need to be changed.


1. CCJK assigned a very skilled and professional designer and programmer to complete this job. To make sure of the high quality, the designer will design the pages drafts for the client’s reference firstly, and make the revision accordingly until the client feels totally satisfied. Then the programmer will make the drafts into HTML pages for the delivery. For the 4 pages, the designer changes the font to be more comfortable-looking, and color the “Sign Up” button to be gold, the ”Login” button to be dark green.

Furthermore, CCJK designer makes two types of the pages drafts for the client’s choice, one type is displaying all the contents out so that viewers can know the contents once access to the site. The other type is to make the scrolling down be least and the contents will only display while people click the headline, this type is cleaner and more convenient. Finally, the client chooses the second type and he likes the font, the layout etc. very much.

2. There’s not any problem for CCJK to update the 5 pages to be consistent with the ones they created. But CCJK is a little confused about these 5 pages’ relation with the former ones. The client has mentioned all the pages were on the same site, but the header links are not the same. Thus, CCJK doesn’t proceed to deal with the 5 pages at once, while submitting some questions to the client. Then, the client confirms that these 5 pages belong to the large website and the former ones belong to the mini site. There’s a button on the large website to take the viewer to the mini site.

3. CCJK designer and programmer make these 2 pages quickly and accurately and deliver them 3 days ahead of schedule.


My webpages needed a makeover to refresh the look of my website. CCJK engineer team created exactly the refreshed look I was looking for. The designer is extremely talented and delivered ahead of schedule. There was little, if any back-and-forth as the designer got it right the first time. Communication through Skype was a pleasure. If you are looking for quality and affordable design work, I recommend this contractor without any hesitation. While I needed two more pages on my website updated to reflect some recent changes. The contractor made the updates to my complete satisfaction and 3 days ahead of schedule. It’s a pleasure working with such a competent and friendly contractor. Highly recommended. Thank you very much!


Founded in the year 2000, CCJK of highly skilled professionals from around the Asia-Pacific region has formed an elite engineering group that is youthful, dedicated, knowledgeable and deeply rooted in the sense of responsibility. CCJK always insist that winning the clients’ trust and confidence in this manner is of paramount importance to the very existence of an organization. CCJK is dedicated to customizing its services to meet the needs of each individual client. For every project, no matter it is large or small, sophisticated or trivial, the whole team is committed to work synchronized to make the project mutually successful, both for the client and CCJK.

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