Tagalog Document translation services

Valuable information can be misplaced if not acquired in a proper way. To cover all the basics to enter a foreign market, you need good quality leverage. 

CCJK provides leverage to its clients by providing quality-oriented translation services for all types of documents. Documents are valuable assets for any company. Translated with complete confidentiality, our translation services are reliable. 

Tagalog Technical Translation Services

Hiring an employee with bilingual proficiency can always be useful but it proves to be expensive in terms of organizing the training session. 

By hiring technical translation services, you lessen the burden over your employees. Our technical translators are experienced and skilled with in-depth knowledge for the technology industry such as translating manuals, user guides, reports etc. with the fast turnaround time, our clients are highly satisfied.

Tagalog Medical Translation Services

How will you communicate with your patients if you can’t understand their language? 

To help you interpret the right information at the right time is our foremost duty as a translation service provider. No matter what language you speak, our professional translators have the experience to translate all of the medical documents, reports, surveys, policies etc that are of use to the client over the long run.

Proper written communication is what our clients look for in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, so our translators are well-equipped with the medical industry for translation

Tagalog Website Translation Services

With a proven record of accurate translation, we have developed a strong clientele. Websites offer businesses the chance to break the cultural barriers and thus our translators are experts who can localize the website accordingly. Avoid making the mistake of misrepresenting a culture and language. 

To connect on a personal level with the online users, our team of translators make sure to translate the online content in a diligent way. 

Let the experts handle it

As a reliable source of interpreters and translators, we believe it is our sole duty to accommodate the clients with the best Tagalog translation services. The culture, terminology, and phrases, etc. are all vital in translating a document and our experts are there to cover all your translation needs.

We adhere to your interest based on our professional Tagalog translators who are the long-term asset for the services we provide. With the best translators in town, you will not need to look the other way. Tagalog fluency is one of the added benefits for translation, we enjoy to provide to our clients, who are interested in investing Philippines market.

Do you think you have what it takes to become successful? Then you are stepping on the right platform with our Tagalog translation services.


CCJK’s team comprises of experienced translators with proper knowledge and skill to translate the document in the fast turnaround time.
For every project turnaround time varies according to its length and other specifications. If a client wants a project to be completed in a shorter duration than word count for translation increases up to 10k and vice versa.
Besides being certified ISO 9001:2001, we follow strict adherence to a proper channel of the translation process. The documents are always revised (proofread) to reduce the error too from minimum to zero. Our experienced translators are carefully chosen relative to the subject matter.
Our customers have the facility to use any format, with no need to convert the document before sending it for translation.
Pricer per document varies, on the basis of the language pairs, length of the project, nature of the content - either technical or non-technical and other specifications.

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