Thai Document translation services

Document translation is an opportunity for businesses to cater to global audiences in a smooth strategical way. To be able to reach the consumers at the desired time, companies need to have the required statistics in all domains.

CCJK offers its unique Thai translation services to translate all types of documents (legal, marketing and advertising etc). Every field is essential and to help our customers, our Thai document translation services are 24/7.

Thai Technical Translation Services

To ensure the translation is carried out with accuracy, companies rely heavily on translation service providers.CCJK plays a certain role in the technical domain of every industry. Our native experts have in-depth knowledge about the technical niche and provide an excellent format for technical translation services.

The added benefit is the time efficiency and cost-effective translation offers for the client in the best professional manner. 

Thai Medical Translation Services

The medical queries in a service industry can be resolved by the translators that have medical translation expertise over the years. CCJK focuses on every healthcare domain and regardless of the time constraint time and again proves his efficiency in catering to medical translation services.

We understand the medical requirements and their sensitive nature. Our team of translators is precise with their linguistic skills and thoroughly assesses the medical terms before completing the translation. 

Thai Website Translation Services

To target online users, your website should be language friendly. CCJK has developed a one-stop solution by providing affordable Thai website translation services to the clients. The content flow is discreetly converted from Thai to English or English to Thai translation services (or in other language pairs).

The website requirement is studied and translated accordingly. Our expert linguists are capable to translate the instructions, software, etc., to accommodate the client’s requirements.

Let the experts handle it

Outsourcing is a risky subject to touch for any business. You cannot enter the market blindly and in any of the uncompetitive manners. To become one of the fastest-growing businesses around, you need to place yourself in the foreign market by localizing your business profile and that’s where you need our help.

We make sure that our Thai translation services are up to the standard quality and that the translated content is error-free.

At CCJK, the Thai translators are the best sort of investments for such companies. Our translators are skilled, well-qualified and trained to deliver top-notch Thai translation services for all types of content.


Excellent team of native Thai translators is hired to conduct the translation services with professional training in the pocket.
Usually, 2500-3000 words are translated in a day but if the client urges, word count can increase up to 10,000 words. So, it suffices to say the turnaround times depend on the length of the project.
To ensure quality, documents are proofread by the experts. Our translation services are ISO 9001:2001 certified as well.
To facilitate the clients, we provide translation services for all types of document formats.
Each language is resonated with a price charge. Price varies according to the demand of the desired language in the market. However, the project’s length is also questionable for the total charge of the translation services.

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Over 95% of Our Clients Recommend Our Language Translation Services to Others.

Our professional translation services are preferred by many globally known names. With nearly two decades of experience, CCJK’s quality-centric approach and professional services have earned us a reputation as the most-trusted language service provider around the globe

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