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Turn your video game into a global sensation through premium game localization services. CCJK is a leading agency offering professional localization services to global clients to help them smoothly navigate through all challenges in foreign markets. With our efficient localization project management workflows, we deliver you on-time translations with the best quality. We are your trusted video game localization agency with 2 decades of experience in video game localization.

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Level Up Your Video Game for Better Player Engagement

72% of global video gamers prefer to play in their native language. We specialise in localizing your game for an international player base to maximize enjoyment and entertainment. From translation to voiceovers and design adjustments, we meticulously localize your game to create a seamless and resonating player experience. It’s time to break through the language barriers and tap into new markets with expert game localization services. We tailor your game to your unique local preferences and cultural sensibilities to enhance player satisfaction.

Maximize Your Game Potential In Every Market

Our Step-By-Step Game Localization Workflow

Initiation and Planning
  • Establish the project scope, target languages, and deliverables.
  • Customize the localization strategy for the genre and target market(s).
  • Allocate the localization team.
  • Select appropriate tools and technologies.
Content Preparation and Analysis
  • Extract game content, e.g. text, audio, and visuals.
  • Analyze the content for linguistic and cultural contexts and tone.
  • Curate a translation style guide based on the in-game lingo.
  • Prepare video game glossaries to maintain translation consistency.
Translation and Localization
  • Professionally translate game text into target language(s).
  • Record localized voice-overs.
  • Constantly monitor the progress to ensure quality and on-time delivery.
Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Perform QA testing manually and with various CAT tools.
  • Conduct in-game LQA to solve visual and linguistic issues.
  • Perform additional linguistic testing for accuracy.
  • Adapt the in-game lingo for cultural elements.
Integration and Deployment
  • Integrate localized content and preferences into the game’s code and data files.
  • Conduct the final localization review and initiate deployment.
  • Release the localized games and provide ongoing support.

We Localize Each Element of Your Video Game

To successfully launch your game in a foreign market, we localize all visual, cultural, and linguistic aspects of your video game. Our team of seasoned translators, developers and localization experts helps you tailor your game experiences for every region. To promote better game understanding, we address all technical, legal and user-facing components of your video game.

  • Voiceovers
  • Subtitles
  • Graphics Assets
  • User Interface
  • Cultural References
  • Legal Documentations
  • Marketing Materials
  • User Instructions and Guides

Why Do Our Clients Prefer Us?

CCJK is your reliable video game localization company that provides exceptional game localization services to its clients.

Market Expansion
Market Expansion

Enter new gaming markets with confidence and ease by tapping into untapped potential markets effortlessly.

Increased Sales
Increased Sales

With localized translation, we help you expand globally, maximize market share, and increase your revenue.

Enhance Your Branding
Enhance Your Branding

We provide localized translations that will enhance your brand image, reputation, and boost your credibility.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Fast, accurate and localized game translations ensure adherence to global regulations and standards.

Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support

A dedicated team of subject-matter experts focused on your video game success, delivering flawless, and in-context translations for better impact.

Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions

Reliable IT support and solutions to integrate tools of your choice for customized localization requirements of your video game.

Expand Your Player Base With Localized Games

Get Video Game Localization For All Platforms

We localize your video game for any platform of your choice. Contact us anytime to get the best game localization services at affordable rates.

Mobile Phone

Get video game localization services for all types of mobile devices (iOS and Android) to build maximum player engagement. We also optimize the screen resolutions to create an unforgettable game experience for global players.

Personal Computer (PC)

We adapt video games for PC gamers around the world. From localizing the UI elements and translating character dialogues to optimizing the overall utility of your game, we make your game perform exceptionally on your PCs.

Gaming Consoles

You will get professional video game localization for Ouya, Xbox, Atari VCS, or any other console platforms. We monitor clients’ platform-specific requirements to deliver a seamless experience on all kinds of consoles.

Smart TVs

CCJK localizes the excitement of playing video games with friends and family on your smart TVs in the living room. CCJK optimizes your gaming experience by making all of your game UI elements compatible with this unique platform.

Virtual Reality

Here, we fine-tune each and every aspect of your video game to provide an unmatched gaming UX in the VR market. CCJK helps you create a captivating VR experience that will have your players hooked for longer times.

Web Games

For HTML5 and other browsers, video games must be played smoothly on all major browsers, from Chrome to Firefox. Based on the geographic location of players, all components of video games will be automatically adjusted to local preferences in real time.

Seamlessly Adapt Games For Foreign Regions

Meet Our Professional Linguists

Sarah Levison

Having 6 years of experience, Sarah is adept at localizing games for diverse global audiences. She is skilled in capturing the nuances of complex gaming narratives and ensuring cultural accuracy while maintaining the original tone and style of the game.

Albert Cook

Albert has over 10 years of experience in game localization, QA, and making sure the translated text functions properly within the game. He is passionate about his work, has an excellent eye for detail, and is always keen to deliver high-quality localized games.

Abraham Moore

Abraham is really good at adapting game UIs and UX for different cultural contexts. He’s been doing this for five years now. He makes sure that the menus, button labels, and instructions are not only clear and concise but also culturally appropriate for the target players.

Sydney Lawrence

Sydney has 11 years of expertise in game localization. She uses her extensive experience and crafts games in such a way that they coincide with target gamers, hence providing them an amazing gaming experience.

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You need to fill out the contact form on our website to request a free quote. You can also contact us through email, where you must provide us with details about your game, including its size, target platforms and languages, and other requirements. Our sales team will get back to you shortly.

At CCJK, we handle all updates and upcoming localization for our existing clients on priority. From continuous language changes and functional testing to cultural validations, we ensure the consistency and relevance of all game elements to target users. Clients can contact us anytime to get assistance with their ongoing localization requirements.

Yes, we provide fully tailored video game localization to meet the unique needs of each client. Considering each client’s localization budget constraints, target languages, audience and game genres, we design a personalized localization package to accommodate their project requirements.

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