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About Client

Instone Asia specializes in international transport for horses, cattle and other livestock species. This quarter-century of activity has enabled Instone Asia to amass a wealth of experience and to pioneer new and undeveloped markets, while maintaining its acknowledged transport skills and expertise. Instone Asia is located in Australia and they have transported 7,500 horses to Macau, over 1,500 horses to China and numerous other shipments to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore.

About this project:

A delicate brochure always is able to catch the customer’s eye at the first sight. Recently, it occurred to the client that they might need to get a professional team to redesign their company brochure. So they just turned to us.

About the Requirements:

1, Using the information on their website for the contents of the brochure, like the company introduction, services and other info.

2 , The home page has considerable information, however the emphasis is to be on China as they have been in this important market since 1997 and they are trusted and respected for our experience and honesty

3, The next page called “Shipping Information” includes very useful information and this can be followed by “Our Experience”

4, Where possible they would like to include photos lifted from the website, to add color and some enthusiasm and excitement

5, they would like us to create a colored PDF that will be in Mandarin and in English.

Our Solution

One of our best graphic designers, who has many years experience in this field has been assigned to this project. He submitted his work in three working days and have revised the design several time based on the clients’ feedbacks. Finally, our client satisfied with his work and happily accepted it.

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