Client Service Brochure Translation and DTP Case Study

About the project:

The client has a brochure in the field of testing, inspection and certification that need to be translated from English to Chinese (both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese). We faced many challenges and obstacles in delivering the final translated and localized brochure.

• Much of the content was either too colloquial or culturally irrelevant, making it difficult to be properly conveyed to the target audiences.

• The source file formats cannot be converted to editable word files for translation purpose, so it requires some file processes and quality control techniques.

• The final delivery file should have the same look and feeling as the source file.

• The highest quality was expected as this brochure has the training usage.

CCJK Solution:

We offer comprehensive language solutions and high quality, reliable translation service to support any language communications the client may have. After obtaining the project, our seasoned team of translators and technical specialists successfully understood the project demands and meet the broad range of challenges as they arose.

• We assigned the translation to our professional and native Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese translators who have a good knowledge of test and inspection.

• Desktop Publishing specialists assessed the source material and extracted translatable tags/units from the executable files. We format it before the translation starts and in this way we saved the time to format two versions.

• Besides, to make sure of the highest translation accuracy, we assigned not only one translator, but at least 3 linguists to this translation project: we translated from scratch by a linguist, then passed the translated documents to another editor for reviewing, and finally to a 3rd proofreader to polish and review for cultural sensitivity and accuracy.

• We also apply the latest technologies, such as translation memory tools for long-term projects. Especially for the translation of client service brochure, which is not a stand-alone work and requires keeping consistency.


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