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ABOUT Samsung

Samsung Group, located in Seoul of Korea, is a multinational conglomerate company, which is engaged in many difference industries under the Samsung brand, including Electronics like Mobile, Camera, TV, Computer, etc and Compressor, Semi-conductor, Printer, Medical instrument, Communications system, air-conditioning, Engineering and so on….

According to the founder of Samsung Group, the meaning of the word “Samsung” is “three stars”. The word “three” represents powerful and the “Stars” means eternity. More details could be found from below email


Be famous as mobile and camera, Samsung has a good reputation on these products. There are new products launched every year or every half of the year. And then, the manual or user guides are also need to be generated or updated. Because of the timeliness, usually the translations for user guides require a rapid or fast turnaround.

That is too say, we should be stand by here offering services at all times. Besides the English and Chinese simplified languages, Samsung also has let their products be localized into many other languages, like Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong & Taiwan), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian and so on. In additional, typesetting also need to be involved to keep the format in good order and content consistent. In a word, Samsung was not only asking for a localized translation, but also a DTP service.


CCJK has a professional team who are specialized in handling manual translation, including PM, QA proofreader, Editor, Translator, Linguistic checker, etc. Among them, they all have abundant experience in this field.

There are 6 processes to handle a project from the client

1. Linguistic checking: Once we get the source files from our client, the linguistic checker will review the files, including source files (working files), reference materials and instructions to make sure they are understandable and executable.

2. Project Management: The project manager should have a clear identification of what needs to be translated, edited and reviewed. And S/he also should know the delivery files are accordant with notes. If any feedback or common comments implemented before projects begin, PM should share it with the translators and reviewers, so does the newest TM. Also PM should pay attention to following elements: a. Query every single element that can be no clear meaning or several meaning. b. Check for MMI options and query how to handle them if there is no instruction. c. Appropriate content for adequate use of Translation memories. d. Provide instructions to translators on any potentially problematic things like tool using, file processing, etc.

3. Translation: Translators start to work after getting all the information from project manager, taking the instructions and other materials as reference. During translation, we should make sure all fuzzy or new segments are translated and confirmed. Also 100% matches are checked and reviewed (if applicable). Before translation, we will search for some words or information related this industry, in order to be familiar with the expression.

4. Edition: We will make sure the translation is consistent with itself and with existing translations in the same file or Style Guidelines, avoiding any mistranslation, missed translation, spell checked errors, grammar errors, etc. In additional, the editors also will make the file readable and regular expression used. And the feedback and comments has been applied into the new project if it needs.

5. QA or Proofreading: We will run the semi-finished files by QA tools like Xbench, QA distiller. In this process, we should pay attention to following notes: a. No font errors, character corruption or font corrupt b. There is no the same target translation for different source, and vice versa. c. All graphics and icons are correct and consistent with the source d. Page sizes and orientation are correct and consistent e. Check if date formatting, time formatting, address, percentage sign, currency, Numbers are expressed correctly.

6. Project Management: For Samsung projects, we also will make sure XML and INX files in good condition. There are no corruption characters and messed format.

For example: there is a rule for xml translation— we should replace “&damp;” with “&” during translating ttx file because of the ini setting file. If the translator forget this rule and use “&” or “&damp”, the xml files would be corrupted and could not be opened. Besides, we will deliver the files as instructed like CLEAN, UNCLEAN and TM/TMX included

After the translation is confirmed by the client, we will prepare to start typesetting, generating the PDF files. And our proofreader will read the files roughly comparing with the source PDF file, making sure the user guide is readable and correct.


By assembling an efficient team consisting of elite translators, reviewers and typesetter who worked on proven streamlined process, the Samsung User Guides was successfully launched in a fast turnaround with satisfied quality. Till now our client is very glad to work with us and we promise them we will continue to strive to offer better translation and DTP services.


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