APCRA Case Study


APCRA Ltd. is a professionally managed clinical research organization and consultancy, optimally sized to deliver results from clinical research. From the headquarters in Hong Kong it provides services to some leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, as well as a number of other agencies. Its aim is to help the clients bring their products to the marketplace in a wide range of therapeutic areas within the Asia-Pacific region.


1. The client is looking for a website designer to design a new website for his company. The requirements are the site should be clean and uncluttered, contain no flash, match the color of the red logo, contain drop-down menus, have a link to a blog, have a relevant images etc.

2. After reviewing the inner pages drafts, the client realized some wording and information needed to be updated. This means the homepage approved in the first step should also be changed accordingly and the inner pages also need to be changed.

3. The website was uploaded to the server and it run properly on a computer or laptop PC, but the client found there’s two problems with the website in iPAD/ iPhone.


1. CCJK assigned a very skilled and professional designer and programmer to do this job. To make sure of the high quality, firstly, the designer designed two types of homepage drafts for the client’s reference and choice, and made the revision accordingly until the client felt totally satisfied. After this, the website development went into the second step to make the inner design drafts accordingly. CCJK’s programmer finished this quickly and sent to the client for reference.

2. There’s not any problem for CCJK to update the wording and information accordingly, as CCJK’s commitment is doing unlimited revision until the client’s 100% satisfaction. The programmer did all the revision and built the website up. To make sure the client would be totally satisfied with the site, CCJK provided the website demo firstly, then had it launched finally.

3. CCJK had never encountered such problem for website running in IPAD or iPhone. But the chief engineer tried his best to find out a way to solve it finally.


We’ve worked with CCJK Technologies on the development of our company website. Our experience has been nothing short of excellent and we were lucky to have found a good company to work with. CCJK Technologies has been very professional and their ability to handle our job exceeded our expectations. In addition, they were very accommodating in making all the required changes that we requested. CCJK Technologies are a professional team and always found a solution to any of the problems that arose. As such, we have no hesitation in recommending them to other clients.


Founded in the year 2000, CCJK of highly skilled professionals from around the Asia-Pacific region has formed an elite engineering group that is youthful, dedicated, knowledgeable and deeply rooted in the sense of responsibility. CCJK always insist that winning the clients’ trust and confidence in this manner is of paramount importance to the very existence of an organization. CCJK is dedicated to customizing its services to meet the needs of each individual client. For every project, no matter it is large or small, sophisticated or trivial, the whole team is committed to work synchronized to make the project mutually successful, both for the client and CCJK.

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