Design services

CCJK – a rich cultural multi-national organization boasts of having skilled technical personnel from different cultural and demographic locations providing aesthetic yet ultimately sophisticated graphic designs for web applications, mobile applications, e-magazines, e-books, animations, user guides and high quality desktop printing. We provide you an artistic language for expressing your business, vision and mission to target audience via multimedia design interfaces.

DTP Services

Our quality service does not end with a good translation. Our top-ranking DTP experts in CCJK will always make a perfect finishing touch to ensure the documents have the same impact in a foreign language as in their original. Excitingly, our DTP services are more flexible now and could be integrated with our translation service or standalone. With a wide range of DTP software packages for both PC and Mac and years of experience in the industry, we are able to provide a better DTP solution at a lower price.

Our DTP services include:

Graphic design

In a business world that takes huge account of good appearances, it is vitally important for a company to assume a polished and professional look. CCJK is here to help you to impress your clients and give you competitive advantage you need to promote your business effectively. With all possible graphic design medium you can ever fathom, our experienced designers follow the industry trends and are ready to offer custom graphic solutions to meet all requirements requested.

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When texts and images alone are unable to hold site visitors’ attention long enough for them to get what you are trying to explain, it is when animation comes in. At CCJK, our amazingly talented artists and animators can translate all your fantastic thoughts in your mind. Flexibility and efficiency are what we are using to attract our clients back time and time again and deeply, we understand that one size will not fit for all so we customize every project according to different needs of different clients at different time. By doing so, we can always give you outstanding animations you desire for every time.

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User guide

CCJK, with a talented crew of engineers, technical writers and translators, graphic designers and desktop publishing specialists, prides itself with its over 13 years record of perfectly serving worldwide reputable companies’ user guide development needs. And we highly recommend that technical writing and translation should be left only to the real pros!
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