HIYH Case Study

HIYH.info Case Study

About HIYH.info
HIYH(Health In Your Hands).info is a healthy website founded by Dr. Kevin Lau ,whose works sharing the same name with the website called Health In Your Hands a series of tools for Scoliosis prevention and treatment. The set includes his book Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment, a companion Scoliosis Exercises for Prevention and Correction DVD, and the innovative new iPhone application ScolioTrack. This year, he wants to share his talents with Chinese audience via this website, meanwhile, showing them his successful works during these years.
The client wanted to increase the traffic to his website and he chose several keywords for us to win the rankings among the top 20 on baidu search engine.
CCJK assigned two skilled and professional SEO engineers and a skilled engineer to do this job. At the beginning, they need to adjust the design and contents of the website to make it more SEO-friendly.
The SEO process could be divided into two main phases:
1). In-site Optimization:
Implement webpage optimization and Suggest more reasonable webpage structure and friendly in search engine and user experience. Your web pages will be collected/indexed by most of Engines many times.
2). Out-site Optimization.
Develop a backward link worksheet to create high-quality backward links as many as possible. Get a higher rank, increasing the PR (Page Ranking) value.
1. Website Analysis
2. Keyword Research
3. HTML Validation Checking
4. SEO Consulting
5. Extensive Competitive Analysis For Better Search Engine Ranking Performance
6. SEO Copywriting
7. Image Optimization
8. Creation Of Meta Information(Title, Description, Keywords)
9. Creation Of Robots File
10. Search Engine Submission By Hand To All The Major Search Engines
11. Site Map For Better Crawling Of Your Site
12. Link Popularity Building(SEO Friendly Links, No Paid Links)
13. Setup Website Analytics And Baidu Analytics(Baidu Tongji)
14. Social Bookmarking Services
15. Create Blog or Forum And Update Articles
16. Social Media Link Building(SEO Friendly Links, No Paid Links)
17. Others
All the keywords are out of top 100 on baidu search engine at the beginning, but after our hard work for three months, we have fulfilled our promise and even achieve much higher ranking for our client eventually. The outstanding results could be listed by the screenshots below.

脊柱侧凸:  9th

脊柱侧弯运动:  2rd

scoliosis diet 脊柱侧弯饮食,9th

scoliosis doctor 脊柱侧凸医生, 6th

Founded in the year 2000, CCJK of highly skilled professionals from around the Asia-Pacific region has formed an elite engineering group that is youthful, dedicated, knowledgeable and deeply rooted in the sense of responsibility. CCJK always insist that winning the clients’ trust and confidence in this manner is of paramount importance to the very existence of an organization. CCJK is dedicated to customizing its services to meet the needs of each individual client. For every project, no matter it is large or small, sophisticated or trivial, the whole team is committed to work synchronized to make the project mutually successful, both for the client and CCJK.

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