Case Study_Summer Jasmine

Summer Jasmine:

In this project, it’s really a tough and long process. I met several problems and get stuck many times. But I still precious this experience as I learned a lot from it. Here I want to share it with all of you.

At the past period of this design project, our client said he not prepared to pay for the hours we spent: I have read the designer’s email to you which states that he spent 4 hours on the last revision which was to change the background colour and text colour of the central panel as I requested. I have some knowledge of Photo Shop and know that this is a simple task and can be done by an experienced designer very quickly; I do not accept the designer’s submission of 4 hours and I am not prepared to pay for this time.

This moment what I need is to critical customer issue management. I temporally cancel the last 4 hours and tell him we will clear this situation for him asap. And the client also did some try to prove there are no need to spend so much time.

I consult our PK team and they give me detailed reasons and listed them one by one:

1. The JPEG file sent to client is not a simple image and is multi layered. A URL for the PSD Sample is provided here

2. Everything in the JPEG is modified and adjusted into the layers specified for the positioning of the material in the images. When the design is made from scratch keeping in mind it is custom design it takes time.

3. Multiple options are tried various colors and hues of the colors are tried by the designer artist to maintain the symmetry and aesthetics of the pages.

4. Many of the items in the design were extracted by artist using the pen tool and the edges were then smoothened by him which cost him time.

5. The designer artist says that when a change is to be made in the PSD file then he has to manage the layers in the PSD however working in the simple JPEG will be easy to manage.

And we also provide the Show cause reply from the designer to convince our client. From what they said in their mail, I can learn a lot professional knowledge of PS, etc.

Finally consider this client has got more work for us to do, we could give some leniency to him. From this project, well communicate with the clients and provide necessary technical support and assistance to them is very important in our daily work!

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