Case Study Oulala Paris

Oulala Paris is a Chinese-language information website dedicated to tourism in Paris, French wine and other French prestige products, the history of famous French brands and video recipes of French cooking. More than just a tour guide, Oulala is a real magazine that offers on a unique platform a broad perspective on French culture and lifestyle.


1. Our client designed the website using used a WordPress interface in early 2011. After that, they made some revisions. And now, this website needs to keep improving the layout of the homepage and article pages and increase some space dedicated for advertisement in the layout. They want the website to be more visually friendly for Chinese users while keeping it sophisticated and stylish.

2. After finishing the redesign of the website, our client also wants CCJK Technologies to help them to improve the overall ranking of the Chinese-language website on Baidu search results and other search engines popular in China.

The CCJK Solution:

1. CCJK assigned several most professional web designers and programmers for the website redesign. The main change of the layout is the article placement in the home page. For the former website, the latest articles appear on top of the homepage, picture on the left, title and brief introduction on the right. Our client isn’t satisfied with this layout, as this is taking too much space. CCJK arranged the website designer to design the layout with article title placement style, and then the programmer update the website with this new design, and now the website is very clean and fresh. The most recently posted articles titles are shown in the homepage. We also redesign the header and the sidebar.

2. CCJK assigned two professional and skilled SEO engineers to improve the overall ranking of the Oulala Paris website. They did what the client required. Our SEO engineers did the following:

1). In-site Optimization:

Implement webpage optimization and Suggest more reasonable webpage structure and friendly in search engine and user experience. Your web pages will be collected/indexed by most of Engines many times.

2). Out-site Optimization.

Develop a backward link worksheet to create high-quality backward links as many as possible. Get a higher rank, increasing the PR (Page Ranking) value.
In more detail, they adopt the following technologies: HTML Validation Checking; Attract Search Engines to “Grab” the web pages; research and create Meta information that matches with the content of each single page, Install a plug-in in WordPress for your site, so that we can add keywords and descriptions in every page and post, link building, Reorganize internal link structure, Open account in hot Chinese social network site. We also submit monthly report with key metrics to illustrate the performance to our client, so they will know the progress and effect of our work.

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