Basic Inuktitut phrases

Welcome –  (Tunngahugit/Tunngasugit)

Hello – ᐊᐃ (Ai)  (Ainngai)

Long time no see –  (Takunahaarnakuni)

What’s your name? My name is … -(Kinauvit?)(Uvanga …atira)
… (…ujunga)

Pleased to meet you – (Katigatkit Quvianaq)

Good morning –  (Ublaahatkut/Ullaasakkut)

Good afternoon/evening – (Unnuhatkut/Unnusakkut)

Good night – (Unnuaqhatkut/Unnuaqsakkut)

Good luck –  (Ajunngigiarlutit)

Cheers/Good health! –  (Inuuhiqatsiaq/Inuusiqatsiaq)

Have a nice day – (Ubluqatsiarit/Ulluqatsiarit)

I don’t understand –  (Tukisinngittung)

Please say it again –  Atii uqakkannirit

Can you please write it down? -(Titiraqtuuluaqpiuk?)

Excuse me – (Iikuluga)

How much does it cost? -(Una Qapsit/Qassit/Qatsit?)

Sorry –  (Iikuluk)  (Aittaaq)  (Nakujuq)

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