Malayalam Document translation services

All businesses rely on the information collected over the years concerning changes in the product’s demand and supply. It’s essential to communicate your business message to the Malayalam market. CCJK fastens the process by conveying the desired information in a local language. Translating marketing materials is of the utmost importance when you need to target a new audience. Translation of documents is carried with the required precision as our team of experts makes sure to promptly deliver the translated documents.

Translating handbooks, instruction materials, policies, etc., all documents are appropriately handled and translated with accuracy, creating a certain benchmark.

Malayalam Technical Translation Services

CCJK knows how tough the technical domain can be for a business. For a better understanding, the highest level of precision is required in the translation. This means that the translators must have adequate knowledge about other fields to reciprocate their speaking skills. Our specialized team focuses on producing quality results and retaining the brand image in the local audience’s mind.

Technical guides, manuals, instructions, and so on are carefully translated from source to target language. We guarantee to deliver the technical translation services in a fast turnaround time. A translation standard is highly maintained to ensure significant translation results.

Malayalam Medical Translation Services

The medical and healthcare sector consists of sensitive information. Since the healthcare system is always evolving and growing, CCJK prioritizes to provide an accurate translation.

As a company, we keep evolving, too; new teams are hired specifically for the projects and adequately trained to deliver quality content in the desired languages. Suppose you are interested in translating information for pharmaceuticals, telehealth, or even want to conduct an online webinar sharing the latest updates. In that case, we offer quality services not only in translation but interpretation and localization as well. Our translators are subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge about medical terminologies. Moreover, they also stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the medical industry.  

Malayalam Website Translation Services

Websites are a part of the digital world. Online availability attracts more customers from different corners of the world and increases the chances of exploring new ideas. Since almost every business owns a website, CCJK proudly provides website translation services in Malayalam to any desired language. Our translators understand how web designing and templates work, the local market’s requirement, and what sort of content will appeal to the target audience.

A translation memory is created for each project, which makes translation easier than before, and accuracy levels of translation are highly improved. Moreover, the Indian websites are known for the color mirages and playful words; we assure you that your business sales will boost once you have a multilingual website.

Let the experts handle it

Translators are long-term assets for any translation company, which is why CCJK makes sure to hire professionals who have the required expertise for the niche.  Our industry-specific translators are equipped with advanced knowledge and skills needed to deliver flawless Malayalam translation services.

Our best translators proofread the documents and deliver them as per the client’s requirement in any format they want. The best thing about hiring CCJK for Malayalam translation services is to get the translated projects at affordable prices and in fast turnaround time.


Our Malayalam native experts are chosen for the desired project. Each translator is enlisted based on their expertise and knowledge for the relevant project.
Each project has a different set of specifications. This means the turnaround time varies from one task to another. However, we do assure you to deliver the project at a fast turnaround time.
Our translation projects are managed by project managers who oversee the entire project. Besides, proofreading and the use of translation tools enhances the quality of translation.
All document formats are acceptable, so there is no need to change the document format.
Every project is translated into a different language pair. This affects the cost per project. Besides, the nature of the content, time duration, and market value also affects translation costs.

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