French Canadian Document translation services

CCJK Technologies provides certified French Canadian translation to its clients worldwide. We offer the best document translation services that are linguistically fluent and accurate. Here you will get culturally competent document translation solutions at the quickest turnaround time. We support different file formats, including MS Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Contact us to get Canadian French documents translation for medical, financial, legal, and academic documents. We deliver best-in-class document translations by professional human translators. 

French Canadian Technical Translation Services

Poorly done technical translation can result in system failures, equipment damage, and many other technical issues, so you better get your technical translation done by professionals. Our professional Canadian French linguists provide expert technical translations for companies working in manufacturing, engineering, automobile, medical, construction, and software fields. Get your technical translations for user manuals, product guides, installation instructions, contact agreements, technology patents and so much more. We offer customized technical translation solutions tailored to your goals and budget. CCJK doesn’t just provide translations but also guarantees accuracy, precision, and consistency to its clients. 

French Canadian Medical Translation Services

Healthcare is a big business indeed, and the competition is becoming all-time high after COVID-19. We offer specialized French Canadian medical translation services to healthcare companies, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, emergency rooms, infusion centers, etc. We translate all types of medical content, including clinical protocol synopsis, physician manuals, clinical study contracts, patients guide, medical software manuals, patients report, and website content. CCJK follows advanced quality assurance processes to ensure error-free content with 100% accuracy. We also ensure the safety and confidentiality of your medical data. 


French Canadian Video Game Translation Services

Exceptional French Canadian translation services to multiply your video games downloads for every targeted region. Getting your game localized is the major aspect of the global business growth plan. Our professional native Canadian French linguists offer incredible translations to optimize the user game experience. We offer culturally appropriate and fluent translations that keep your users engaged with the game. We also keep the translation consistent and industry-specific by performing multiple quality control processes. There will be no gap between your original text and translations. Here you’ll get high-quality translations for console, mobile, and PC games at affordable prices.

French Canadian Website Translation Services

Get exceptional quality French Canadian translations at competitive prices. Our Canadian French linguists are experienced enough to provide expert translations for different industries. Regardless of your content type, project complexity, or industry, we’ll get you covered with our customized translation plans. Our team of native French Canadian translators and linguists will create culture-friendly and in-context translations for your website. Unlock new business opportunities and establish successful brands in the foreign marketplace with professional French Canadian translation services. Choose your website translation services plan and let us handle your brand presence in foreign markets.

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Professional French Canadian Translation Services for 22 + Industries

As a certified and professional French Canadian translation services provider, we cover a broad range of industries. From personal document translation to multilingual support for your business website, we provide a vast range of services.

Here at CCJK, our translation and interpretation services are available for over 22 different industries. Thus, whether you need translation for the technical domain or medical, we have experienced translators to provide you with accurate results. Some other major industries that we cover include Legal, Finance, Travel, Manufacturing, Telecom, Automotive, and Life Sciences.

We have native and skilled translators with subject-matter expertise and prior experience in your relevant field, which makes us the best choice for flawless translation.

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For every unique translation project, we assemble a team of certified translators and linguists who have extensive experience related to your industry. Our professionals are well-qualified and handle all sorts of technical, legal, medical, business, and financial translations. Translations are done by skilled linguists and double-checked by editors afterward to ensure 100% accuracy and clarity in the content.
Our team of freelance translators uses innovative translation management and linguistic best practices to deliver quality translations in the quickest turnaround time humanly possible. The turnaround time for every translation project varies based on its content volume, and complexity. Once our team understands your project requirements, they allocate a deadline and budget to it. In case you want your translations done on an urgent basis, our team would revise the deadline and budget, if possible.
We are equipped with advanced tools and have skilled resources to deliver the best-in-class translation solutions to our clients. All translations are performed by certified and experienced linguists who have been working on a wide range of translation documentation for years. CCJK tailors your translation solutions based on the unique project needs. Each translation project is allocated to a panel of linguists with industry-specific experience, so they can easily recognize the complexities of your project and deliver expected results on time. Once the content is translated, it is reviewed by skilled editors to ensure the best quality, error-free results.
We support multiple file formats to make our client’s online experience seamless and hassle-free. The document formats that we accept are WIX Installer, SYMBIAN, HTML, XLIFF, Joomla Localization, GNU GetText, Plain Text,, GIF, JPG, PNG, CSV, Windows8, Windows RC, Microsoft Office, Microsoft .NET, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe, InDesign, MeeGo, Qt, PDF, TIFF, Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows Phones, NA, Flex, SubRip, NSIS Installer, BMP, JAVA, RoR & YAML, DKLang, EPS, XUL, Google Chrome, and Youtube Subtitles. There is an extensive range of formats that would serve almost everybody's needs. However, if you have your documents in another format. You can discuss it with our team.
CCJK is providing translation services at super affordable rates compared with other options available in the markets. The budget for every translation project varies based on its technical requirements, complexities, and content volume. We offer customized translation solutions designed to fulfill your translation needs at competitive rates. You can also choose from our translation packages, where you can get extra value and save more money.

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