Ukrainian Document translation services

Official documents cover a wide range of industries. Translation for official documents is compulsory when planning to enter the international market. To better negotiate with customers and future clients, official documents (legal, medical, website, etc) need to be translated to deal with foreign delegations as well as potential consumers. For the sole purpose, CCJK translators with exclusive reliability share the translation services in 230 languages at an affordable price. 

Our document translation without a doubt follows a professional domain and satisfies the customer accordingly. 

Ukrainian Technical Translation Services

For technical translation, high quality is demanded. Our translators are fluent bilingual hence the translation in question is reliable.
CCJK initiates quality based technical translation services in;

  • Manuals
  • Instruction guidelines
  • Process
  • Technical drawing etc

Our technical translation services are affordable and without any surcharge (unless its on high demand). Our customers are our priority and we cater to their translation needs successfully.

Ukrainian Medical Translation Services

The medical industry relies on suitable translators to help them cover a larger audience. Medical data can be corrupted in the wrong hands but CCJK ensures to secure the data before it is even translated by the experts.

Following the guidelines by the client, our translators convert the medical information accordingly in the fastest turnaround time possible. Client privilege is of utmost importance so we offer quotes and discounts to our long term clients as well for medical translation services.

Ukrainian Website Translation Services

CCJK believes to provide online solutions for websites. Our team offers reliable website translation services with sole efficiency at affordable cost to enhance the client’s business.

To attract more consumers, you need to understand the international market and the local market as well. English is the second language of millions of people, and by keeping this factor in highlight, our native translators share their extensive skills to translate online descriptions, software, data entry, product descriptions etc on the allotted time period.

Let the experts handle it

With a professional team, you can achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. The same rule applies to the translation services. Our Ukrainian translation services are encamped with diverse fields. Our native translators are not only good speakers but excellent in translating the content in any given industry.

How much are you willing to spend to enter the local market?

Our translation services are affordable and reliable. Translators are handpicked based on their in-depth knowledge, and expertise in the language makes the translation accurate.

Why not give a try and hire us for Ukrainian translation services?


We recruit our team with a channel of tests and trials to ensure the skills of the translators. Only the best translators are hired for the projects.
The turnaround time of the project depends on the length and per word count of the document. In case of urgency, on the basis of the client’s demand, 10,000 words can be translated in a day.
A thorough revision takes place before handing over the document to the client. We balance the translation quality on the basis of the manual and automated translation. Moreover, our native translators are certified with professional training to ensure a perfect translation.
We provide translation services for all types of document formats without any restrictions.
With the high or low demand for the language in the market, the price fluctuates. Other factors that affect the price are the length of the project, nature of the content and time allocated.

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