Urdu Document translation services

Documents are an ethereal part of the business. Every business needs vary, but at one point, they will need to hire a translation agency to help them translate the documents. CCJK understands the market needs. Keeping the requirements in mind, we assure our clients to provide an accurate and consistent translation for every document.

We aim to let the clients benefit our translation services back and forth in the Urdu translation service. It will help you clutter the information and arrange the much-needed confidential information without any delay. To better accommodate relevant information without any day, Urdu translation services come handy in day-to-day business.

Urdu Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is a bit more complicated than the other regular documents. It requires persistence and accuracy for the terminologies involved. To provide a quality translation, CCJK ensures to hire subject matter experts to handle the technical documents. Because of the documents’ added complexity, translators work hard and put their energy in the tasks as provided by the project manager.

Operation manuals, user guidelines, or even a patent are just some of the most common examples of technical documents. Because the labor force speaks Urdu, you have to communicate in their local tongue. Let it be a conversation or a written document, Urdu translation services are available for any day you want.

Urdu Medical Translation Services

The medical industry is a collage of technology and medicine. The new evolving world requires consistent information on which customers can rely. Urdu translation comes handy when you plan to deal with Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industries or the respective health centers.

CCJK enlightens a path for its translators’ team to do thorough research on the project before the translation process begins. This gives ample time to translators to learn about the local market scenario. Therefore, linguistic experts can deliver quality content, whether for the user guide, prescriptions, medical bills, etc.

Urdu Website Translation Services

It’s eminent to have an online presence. A business cannot survive at all in the modern technology age without a website. Because customers belong from diverse backgrounds in the same country, it must collaborate with your business practices with a translation agency.

CCJK in-house a pool of translators who understand the query and consumer behavior. We translate the content as per the requirement and demand to produce the desired translation copy. Website content allows customers to engage with the help of online content. Our translators are experienced in localizing the content and help boost the conversion rate of the business.

Let the experts handle it

Do you need Urdu translation services? Of course, you will need a foreign investor in the future if you plan to invest your capital in the local market. CCJK ensures to appoint the best suitable experts that match your requirements.

Our translators have years of experience under their belts and constantly evolve their linguistic skills by keeping pace with source language and target language, market trends, even local culture. So if you are interested in boosting your sales in a local market, acquiring Urdu translation services will do the desired job for you.


The expert team of Urdu translators will translate your documents. Our translators are known for their efficient translation. The hired team will consist of native experts who have a vast knowledge of the project and language.
Turnaround time for each project varies. Usually, our translators translate 2500-3000 words in a day. We assure you to deliver the project in a fast turnaround time.
We follow a series of translation procedures that best meet the project requirements. Our translation services are also certified with ISO 9001: 2008 that ensures translation quality and accuracy.
We accept all document formats, so you don’t have to change the document format.
Translation cost depends on several factors; the language pair is the most important factor in this case. Besides, the nature of the content and time of completion also affects the translation cost.

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