Bulgarian Document translation services

Any document can be translated according to its categories. To empower your business in the local market, you need to be understood well by the audience. Translation of any professional documents like

  • Proposals
  • Instruction manuals
  • Certificates
  • Posters etc. can be easily translated by the team of translators in CCJK.

With our punctuality, you can adhere to our timely provided services as well. Business documentation if delayed can be the reason for mismanagement in other departments. Avoid any trouble, because CCJK can nourish your business needs with the help of its pool of native translators. Our excellent team provides Professional Bulgarian Document Translation Services and leaves no stone unturned.

Bulgarian Technical Translation Services

Having trouble in reaching your target market?
To better develop an understanding of the local market you have to focus on the localization as well, not only on the translation services. Our technical writers, provide excellent Bulgarian translating services, in the prerequisite time and adherence to the subject matter whether it be
· Software products
· User guides
· Patents
· Manufacturing compliance etc.
We keep face with time and content is translated accordingly. CCJK Bulgarian technical translations are reliable and cost-effective as well. With the work efficiency, we deliver automatic and manual translation services as well which supports every type of format.

Bulgarian Medical Translation Services

It is vital to be able to understand what is going on in medical terms. With advance medicine replacing the traditional methodology knowledge is widely spread these days. Our health care translators are responsible for translating the information in a precisely accurate manner without room for any error. In terms of medical services we convert;

  • Physicians’ advice and diagnosis
  • Written patient information
  • Pharmacological instructions and hospitals
  • Informational medical brochures etc.

Rendering our services in medical terms has helped many over the decade. Our dedicated team is competent in the subject matter and understand the importance of providing translation services with time efficiency.

Bulgarian Website Translation Services

In today’s digital world, you must be able to communicate and spread your message to international customers in their languages. To drive a customer to your site, you better develop the sense of improvising in terms of products, slogans, marketing strategies and more.

CCJKA’s teams of translators are one of the best team you can rely on to deliver quality and substantial amount of website translation services over a short period. Linguistic quality is smartly focused on localization efficiency. You can try out for yourself.

Let the experts handle it

Need professional translation from Bulgarian to English and vice versa? You are just in luck; CCJK allows its clients to upload the documents and get an instant quote for the translation they want. Our unique language pairs are well handled by the translators with professional proficiency and sworn to provide the best translation. Error-free judgment for documents doesn’t come easy. Each page is proofread to minimize the risk of error in translation.

One of the time taking efforts, but it’s worth it, for our customer’s satisfaction. Consistency and accuracy are two key added benefits you can avail of with our Bulgarian translation services.


Our services are not limited to any specific category. We provide translation services in all subject categories, whatever our clients require.
Our team of Bulgarian experts will handle the documents to be translated in any language. We work with certified linguists with expertise over level 2 and level 3.
Without compromising on quality, CCJK completes all its translation projects in fast turnaround time. But it also depends on the deadline of the project i.e. how urgent a project is required.
CCJK is certified by ISO 9001:2008 which makes us a reliable resource. We follow a strict procedure to make sure that translation is accurate and up to date with the grammatical changes.
Our Bulgarian translation services are not limited to any specific format, our advanced system supports all types of formats.

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Our professional translation services are preferred by many globally known names. With nearly two decades of experience, CCJK’s quality-centric approach and professional services have earned us a reputation as the most-trusted language service provider around the globe

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